Low Carb Diet Results Week 1 Weigh In | Weight Loss Journey Update

My low carb diet results for week 1 are in!!! This is my first week on the low carb diet so I’m still getting back in the hang of things but I am loving it so far and am excited to share my weight loss update!!!!

This weight loss journey is not going to be easy but the journey will be worth it back to healthy living.

Follow My Weight Loss Journey- Low Carb diet

-SW: 287.7lb
-GW: 185lbs

January Measurements
Stomach- 58
Left Arm- 16
Right Arm- 16
Left Thigh- 28
Right Thigh- 28
Neck- 16


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  1. You go! I'm on a weight loss journey too.( 100lbs down) Low carb, IF and daily work outs. Into this second week I'm finding that my mental game is needing to be super strong. Trying to stay consistent. Thanks for sharing your experience!


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