Low Carb Diet and Breastfeeding

Welcome to the show haha todays topic is all about a low carb diet and breastfeeding. When I was debating on going back on low carb while still feeding my son I wanted to see this exact video that I am making. So now that I am over 2 months on low carb and it has been a huge success I decided to film this video!!

*Disclaimer- talk to your dr or your lactation consultant before you make any decisions about your diet. I am just here to tell you my experience and what worked for me!

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  1. I did low carb and interminent fasting and breastfeeding for quite a while. Even though it is not recommended, I did it anyway. I would not recommend going below 40 carbs because you will lose your milk supply. I’m sure we could adapt and our milk supply would eventually go up but I didn’t want my baby to suffer. So I choose to do higher carb. Still lost a lot of weight and I am still currently breastfeeding. Also if you think about it think about our ancestors. How did they manage to breastfeed and not eat all the junk we eat nowadays? Lol believe me your baby will be fine and so will you.

  2. We're you actually seeking to lose or just maintain weight on low carb at the time of the video? I have had many struggles with low carb and maintaining an adequate milk supply. I had to exclusively pump with my last child and that was even harder for me. You have done an awesome job. It's a shame more people aren't discussing this. I bring it up all over the place and it's ignored or I'm berated! I have health problems that need low carb, even if just maintaining my weight so I really am trying to find a good solution 😀

  3. What a great video! I was way too lazy to pump haha! So kudos to you momma! I lost a ton of weight doing low carb and breastfeeding. I didn’t talk to anyone about it just went ahead and did it because I trust my own intuition and find that DRs and nurses tend to push the food pyramid which I don’t feel is healthy. Just to be clear it was not keto but low carb which makes a big difference I think. I was also going for daily walks. Pumping and breastfeeding burns like 300 calories a day so it is a great way to jumpstart your weight loss. My supply would go down right before my period would start due to hormones so I would drink some Fennel tea and it helped me.

  4. I saw your notification & smiled as I’m 65, & this really doesn’t have anything to do with me, 😉 , but wanted to support you and needed to give you the 👍. You are so sweet. I hope you had a good weekend. 🧡🍁🧡

  5. As someone who only ever wanted to breastfeed from the breast, I was always curious why anyone would choose to exclusively pump…thank you for your honesty on this topic. You have given your baby an amazing gift of your milk regardless of how he gets it. Kudos to you for pumping because it’s so much more work than just putting the baby on the breast!! Great job mama!!

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