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North Bali Durian Retreat is a 7-day adventurous immersion into the fruitarian lifestyle at the most beautiful venue Bali has to offer with an intimate group of 10 like-minded persons. 7-day ALL YOU CAN EAT durian plus exotic fruits buffet!

Northern Bali is the most beautiful place we have discovered on our travels so far. We have spent the majority of the last 2 years there whilst combing through the island and now we’re stoked to bring you ‘the very best of Bali’. The best venue, the best fruits, the best nature. Plus of course – world’s BEST DURIAN!

Come and join us!

🎼 Music:
Not the king – Thinking of you
Professor Xv – Home


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  1. Loved it! Thanks! I am totally on the same page. As I transitioned while breastfeeding I have yet to experience a period, but my pre-pregnancy pre-raw periods were like yours, irregular, painful and big pms. Even if I knew nothing about raw vegan and detox then, I always knew I was purging physical and emotional baggage, just didn't know how to aid the body with such load until I understood our natural diet. While breastfeeding I also intuitively incorporate overt fats every day. Not the least because breastmilk is 30% fats (and curiously this is normally the amount of fat I am drawn to!) Avocados, olives, coconuts when I can treat myself, and also nuts and seeds, best if soaked and fermented. I tend to agree with you about nuts and seeds but I have to make choices for the moment and so far, in Europe, they help me satiate and avoid cravings. <3

  2. I’m a biologist. But you need no degree to know that menstruation is not a process meant to cleaning toxins out of your body for the baby to come. Menstruation is your body getting rid of the lining that forms in your uterus after ovulating without being fertilized. Humans do not absorb menstruation and loosing your period or getting it significantly lighter is a sign of malnutrition. If you are not going trough this process it means you have problems with the lining… see a doctor. If the menstruation is the way your body cleanse how male bodies do?… they have no menstruation so they don’t cleanse? Please reconsider your sources… No this is not the pharmaceutical industry trying to convince you or me about this to sell us stuff… is a reality… and I know it because I’m a scientist myself. I believe in facts… the way your body get rid of those “toxins” as you call it is trough the uretra in urine as part of the excretory system and periods are not part of it.

  3. Please stop spreading false facts. This is very dangerous. It is never healthy when your period stops except in special circumstances like pregnancy or menopause. Please talk to your doctor and get a check up.

  4. Btw. The toddler brain needs large amounts of protein in order to grow optimally ( it may be very challenging to consume Larhe enough levels of protein via a purely vegan diet) as they can't eat such quantities. Persinally, do not recommend a vegan diet for very young plp ❤. Evolutionary history showd us that our brains started growing larger when we started consuming meats.

  5. Hi! Love your amazing fruit vids. Just a curious question here please. How come nuts are not "human foods" but fruits are?

    Also, if you don't mind me saying, not all oils are processed or uses machinery (some use cold machinery, which is better than warm) same with olong tea production in china..using hands for rolling it.. preserves the quality (oil extraction no difference) to my educated knowledge at least ✌💕

  6. Oh my God,I can't believe how uneducated you are.First of all period IS NOT a way for the body to get rid of ANY toxins.This is done by your liver and kidneys.The menstrual bleeding you are experiencing every month is a NORMAL PHYSIOLOGICAL PROCESS which is controlled and caused by the HORMONAL CHANGES that take place in the body of every HEALTHY woman.Every month after an egg cell is released from one of you ovaries your UTERUS is preparing for a possible pregnancy by thickening its lining(which is also induced by HORMONES) so that the fertilezed egg is able to attach itself to it and develop into a fetus.When A PREGNANCY DOES NOT OCCUR your uterus doesn't need this thick lining anymore so IT GETS RID OF IT and you bleed.Then after you stop bleeding the lining of the uterus regenerates and everything starts all over again.THIS IS WHY YOU HAVE A PERIOD.Second of all,EDUCATE YOURSELF before posting videos on the internet regarding topics you appearently know nothing about.Because since you're expressing your ideas publically YOU HAVE RESPONSIBILITY.A lot of young girls are watching you and being young they're easily impressed.And they might believe you and adopt an uhealthy life-style because of you,causing a DAMAGE TO THEMSELVES.Just because you BELIEVE something is true DOESN'T MEAN it is.SCIENCE DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY.Educate yourself for YOUR OWN GOOD(and for everybody else's).You are NOT HEALTHY.The fact that your period is only two days(while the minimum duration of a NORMAL period is THREE DAYS) is a sign that there is SOMETHING WRONG.PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELF and go to the doctor.Best regards,a fith year medical student.

  7. I would think that if you don't get enough items like IRON, MINERALS etc to have healthy, strong blood it may be affecting your cycle for building lining, blood gorged to host a fetus attachment. When that doesn't happen then your bidy eliminates the lining excess blood. Then start to build it up again… starting cycle over again. If your body is not building lining and blood nourishments to host and feed a fetus. Chances are if someone got pregnant there would not be strong attached lining, nor nourishment and would miscarry. You are getting older so maybe early menopause or could be diet related for any items that may be missing. You are happy and does not effect your lifestyle so that is a good thing. Currently woman who are eating in markets foods, prepackaged, prepared and resturants are getting poisions in greater amounts and GMO's that effect their organs, health and has Toxic Glyphosate. Sadly miscarriages and multiple losses of pregnancy is happening due to the fact. Check Toxicity of Vaccines and flu shots as well for effect. Be Blessed and thank you for sharing your experiences.

  8. Disappointed and disgusted with you and this attempt at an informative video. This was irresponsible for you to post. Not all women who lose their periods are anorexic. It's normal to lose your period after significant dietary changes or changes in weight. I have friends who lost theirs for years after going raw only to have it return more normal than ever. You should go back to foraging fruit and stop playing doctor about topics that are clearly beyond you.

  9. the only time I lost my period is when I was heavily abusing illegal drugs..my body fat fell below 15% ..that's when any woman will stop ovulating..even athletes. it came back when I cleaned my act up and maintained a healthy weight. A cycle like that may be fine for your lifestyle..if you were trying for children I'd definitely consult with a doctor before trying.

  10. the only time I lost my period is when I was heavily abusing illegal drugs..my body fat fell below 15% ..that's when any woman will stop ovulating..even athletes. it came back when I cleaned my act up and maintained a healthy weight. A cycle like that may be fine for your lifestyle..if you were trying for children I'd definitely consult with a doctor before trying.

  11. Periods, and child birth for that matter, are not meant to be as painful and gruesome as we've been made to believe and experience. When I did raw for 2 months, which included a couple of fruit fasts with botanical extracts, my energy and clarity of mind was like nothing I had experienced before. And my Period? Even though it was just a short 2 months, I already noticed a huge change in my pms symptoms (almost nonexistent) and my period was easier and lighter. You are NOT malnourished if your period gets lighter, avocados and coconuts and more are a beautiful source of healthy fats. Avocados are representative of fertility. I can't wait when I'm in the place and have the means to eat high raw again. Question everything people. Having a heavy gory painful period prefaced by a crazy pms phase is not a sign of health, it's the contrary. Unfortunately in this world, a lot of things are actually the opposite of what we've been taught. The truth has been hidden from us, but you can find it.


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