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Best Keto Rhubarb Crumble Crips Recipe, a superb Keto Dessert that’s almost a fat bomb and totally low carb and sugar free 🔔 If you SUBSCRIBE ring the 🔔 for notifications! Buy Me Bacon? 🥓
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625Kcal, 5gcarbs (4g fibre), 63g fat, 11g protein

INGREDIENTS (makes six ramekins)


600ml / 20.2 fl oz Heavy / Double Cream

30g / 1oz powdered sweetener

8 egg yolks


100g / 3.5oz almond grounds

70g /2.4oz almond butter

15g / 0.5oz powdered sweetener


330g / 11.6oz Rhubarb

100g /3.5oz brown sugar replacement

(optional) 1tsp xanthan gum (will help keep the filling jelly like or might turn too liquid)


Hand Mixer




Tefal Ingenio Set



My Rainbow Cutlery:

Thanks to Liz for the superb idea to add Almond Butter to the crumble!

If you’re wondering about Carbs in Rhubarb, that’s lower than 1g per 100g! so is Rhubarb Keto Friendly? Indeed it is!!!
Awfully easy and healthy since rhubarb not only has 0.8g carbs per 100g, but it’s also very healthily fibrous and makes our gut happy. The crumble is an enlightenment that came from Liz to add almond butter to it: that choice was very correct! Unlike regular Rhubarb Crumble the Custard is inside as well and I think that makes it the next level of scrumptious, but if you prefer you can make the custard to serve on the side.

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  1. well i just got the first lot of forced rhubarb in waitrose…. of course with you in mind… you into sous-vide yet ginger ?… as a meaty girl you got to be…. and you will never go back i assure you… pinky…x

  2. I found that I like to use the egg white after using the yolk to make homemade mayo/salad dressing to make a tortilla wrap (fried in bacon drippings) and fill it with bacon, cheese and spinach for a delicious breakfast sandwich. Just did it earlier this week 🙂

  3. I absolutely cannot wait to make this, I still have a freezer full of rhubarb from my mothers garden and theres more coming!!!! (He he free food 😁) I just need a day off work to do it lol, this is actually my favourite pudding of all time, so you have made this lady very very happy 😀 xx


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