Joe Rogan Experience #935 – Robb Wolf

Robb Wolf is a former research biochemist, health expert, and author of the New York Times bestselling The Paleo Solution. His new book Wired To Eat is available now.


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  1. Food Combining is a major issue related to the problems created by eating Carbs

    Watch the youtube video on food combining by Dr Wayne Pickering

    Mostly understand what foods are digested as starches ( especially grains ) since both starch grains and protein grains have high levels of carbohydrates

    Most people say carbs to describe pasta and bread yet different pastas and breads digest differently depending upon the recipe or content of the bread or pasta. Many gluten-free breads are made with rice flour which is a starch, also many multi-grain breads combine protein and starch grains together thus you have to read all of the labels on bread, pastas, crackers, cookies and cereals

    The main starches are corn, rice, tapioca, potatoes and squash.

    All other grains are digested as proteins even though they are considered high carbohydrates

    food combining includes proper fruit combining considering acid, sub-acid or sweet fruits.

    Mixing fruit with grains causes indigestion

    indigestion creates auto-intoxication

    cooked fats are highly toxic

    “round-up” destroys the nervous system !

    most people need to cleanse old catarrh mucus from the intestines with a safe colon cleanse regime such as the seven day cleanse by Dr Bernard Jensen

    see info at


  2. the milk meat issue is when the meat is cooked and the milk is pasteurized yet if the meat is raw and the milk is unpasteurized ( raw milk) there is no problem with mixing the two together ( raw milk and raw meat)

    when eating cooked food it is important to follow proper food combining

    check out the youtube video on food combining by Dr Wayne Pickering

  3. hey Joe research on proper ways to detox with colon flushing is mostly taught by Victor Earl Irons or Dr Bernard Jensen

    see info at or


    Dr Bernard Jensen helped people to do a seven day tissue cleanse at his ranch in Escondido California for thirty years

    Dr Bernard Jensen wrote Tissue Cleansing through Bowel Management which teaches how to do the seven day cleanse

    you ought to interview Ellen Tart-Jenson

    also check out information at the clinic in San Diego called Optimal Health Institute

  4. I have a friend who never once had a piece of meat, or any dairy, or even a single egg. His name is Paul Iverson from MT, who I first met in Great Falls, and he would invite me over to his ranch. He was proud of having never tasted meat. This is because he was raised on a diet based on a book called "Counsels on Diet and Foods". Privately I asked his wife Ethel, "Doesn't Paul suffer from this diet? And her exact word were, "I have never seen Paul where he was so sick that he could not attend to his animals." (She was on the same diet) Now here is the clincher, I did lose Paul's phone number, but the last time I talked with Paul he was 105! Imagine that, no superfoods in his diet, mostly he ate when ever I was there, lentils and potatoes. Never once having meat! While homeless in Great Falls, one of his friends, Franciska H. Roberts let me live with her. She just like Paul, lived on a strict plant-based diet, and just like Paul, never needed a nursing home, or aids coming to help them, and she too, last time I talked with her was over a hundred, I can't remember her exact age at the time. Now this tells me, that the less animal products in our diet, the healthier, the longer we will live, and when we reach 100, we will still be vibrant and full of zest for life. Oh, if only I never had eaten meat in my life! In their book that they go by, the author tells these people, "Not a morsel of meat should enter our mouths."

  5. It is believed that Lyme Disease is also contracted by much more than just ticks. For example, fleas, mites, mosquitos, spiders, etc, and possibly sexually transmitted, as well as passed in utero to unborn children. I have lived with Chronic Lyme for 8 of my last 10 years. Once we switched to strict Keto, after a couple months of a "healing crisis", I significantly improved. I now believe to have my Lyme dormant for the last 20 months or so. Robb Wolf is actually the person that catapulted me onto my healing journey back in 2013 when we met him at a Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund event at Joel Salatin's in VA. He was adamant about doing strict AIP Paleo for 30 days to see if it helped, and it did. I can't thank Robb enough for taking the time to talk with me briefly, but long enough to change my life. Thanks Robb!

  6. JOE! If I eat avocados, even a dot of guac dropped on my taco I get insane bad stomach cramps that are some of the worst pain I have experienced, and I've had some PCOS pain in my life including surgery. I basically have to lay in a ball and cry it off. I loved avocados for about a year until this started happening and I don't eat them now. I am Keto and recently read something that says people that are allergic to latex can be allergic to avocados too. I notice raw broccoli kills me too! (only my stomach) Cooked broccoli is fine tho. My doctor has no answers and seems not to give a shit, after hearing about leaking gut and gut inflammation, I wish I knew if this was related or an indicator? Doctors can be so unhelpful and uncaring as soon as you mention nutrition. I think when I mentioned it I got a reply like "so you think you can't eat vegetables? maybe chew your food more.." uhhhh thanks tips?

  7. Joe rogan is a dumbass. He says and retracts exactly what's needed to keep him popular. I love and respect alot of the guests he has on. But seriously Joe? Seek help immediately.

  8. Joe Rogan in this podcast states, "the sugar industry bribed scientists to publish that heart disease is caused by cholesterol." LOOK! SEE? PROOF! Joe Rogan is a conspiracy theorist!!!!!!!!!!!!
    #bewildered herd logic

    Joe. People do NOT conspire in dark back rooms and form secret mafias and secret group to gain social, economic, political power. I hate conspiracy nuts!!
    #i'm not a school working for the too big to fail Big-Sugar

  9. Bible verse Exodus 23:19 says not to boil a kid, or young goat meat, in its mother’s milk. I’ve heard it explained that was in place as a recognition for respect for life processes and not to disrespect the life giving benefits of milk by cooking the young meat in its mother’s milk. That’s why some people today don’t eat beef stroganoff, cooking meat in milk, for example. I don’t think there is practical reasons, like maybe the abstaining from pork or shellfish, which can cause some people health problems.

  10. @powerfuljre I’m using a functional Medicine practitioner to improve my health, He did some work with Chris Kresser. And he made me get rid of Peanut butter, peanuts are not nuts but legumes and cause chronic inflammation. They are used in heart trials on Rats to cause heart disease. Since I cut out pretty much all sugar including fruits apart from blueberries and cut out all whole grains and refined..All my aches and pains have gone..And I’m as lean as hell!..Feel so much better..With a high fat diet too cycle moderate carbs! 💪🏽👌🏽

  11. before you decide to throw shade at proponents of keto, remember that keto can effect many people differently. it can help some in extravagant ways but can negatively effect others. theres no such thing as a perfect diet for everyone. keto is good for Joe so he's a supporter. just gotta find what diet works for you the best.

  12. I took m- “right” like fo- “right” days to listen to th- “right” podcast because it drives me FREAKIN insa- “right” because this guy sa- “right” FUCK HE SAYS “RIGHT” FUCK IM GANNA JUMP MAN. IM GANNA FUCKING JU-“right” FUUUUUCK MAN SHIT THE FU-“right” EHGGGG ROBB “right” Wolf


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