jisoo extreme weightloss and rebound

I do not own any of the images or videos shown. All credit goes to their rightful owners. Blackpink Kim Jisoo and her weight loss and weight gain.
Comment suggestions for the next video if you want.


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  1. Let me know what video you want next. I have a couple of ideas, including other BP members, older kpop groups, and also one (realistic and evidence based) conspiracy video about YG. Comment what you would like to see!
    Also I’m working on improving video quality, including the text 🙂 it’s in the works.

  2. Jisoo is my bias, and it makes me sad when any girls in the kpop industry loose TONS of weight. I really love when they have fuller hips/legs and look much thicker.

  3. I have the same (or very near similar) body to Jisoo but I've learnt to love it. At first I thought I was fat but it turns out its actually an ideal body type in many peoples eyes and I just really want to thank them for giving me confidence. Be who you are and don't feel pressured by other people, if they don't like it, ignire them. I also hope Jisoo will gain her weight back as she looked fine before ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Well im a girl , im pretty obssed about that im fat, but now only a little when i was kid i would eat not that much
    Breakfast : none
    Snak : none
    Eat : a little
    Snak : none
    Dinner: only a little
    I alway do it like that way.. in one day i would lost 5k..
    Soo yea i fell reallb bad about jisso but im happy for her

  5. Jisoo and jennie are my two i gues over all favs because the both are thicc and look the most healthy to me so whsn i see them trying tothin themsslves down for the public or becausd the feel bad it makes me so upset cause we love them no matter what

  6. I have the same body like the members (Lisa,Rose,Jennie) yet everyone bullies me for not being curvier and it hurts me , i wish i lived in korea . life would be different 🙁

  7. I know that many didn't notice but I was so worried when I kept seeing all the photos and Jisoo continued to look skinnier and skinnier😳😔
    I really hope she is okay and I know that's like almost not possible but I hope she won't care too much about what people say about being skinny… I mean she is already very slim but I hope she doesn't make herself loose weight by dieting or so…
    Hm I am rambling but I was and am just very worried whenever I see something like that happen… I just always make connections to myself and people I know and I don't want people to suffer like that😑🍀💓
    Stay strong, beautiful and lovely Jisoo!!!

  8. Through all this comment section I've seen a lot of praise for jisoo body and that great but please don't take down the other members 🙏 expecially rosé, go see her video about her weight loss and you'll see that she never gaines or losed weight. She is naturally skinny even If it seems unhealthy or unattractive for some please respect her and every body type. We love all blackpink members ❤️❤️❤️

  9. i saw her irl during their concert in paris, and omg her body is perfect! her curves are to die for, and she looked healthy 🥰 i would love to have a body like hers tbh


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