Is a Low Carb Diet Best for Calisthenics Training?

Low carb diets are very popular now, but are they the best option for you especially if you do a lot of calisthenics training? Here are the pros and cons of adjusting your carbohydrate intake plus my best tips for optimizing your carbohydrate levels.

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  1. You've talked or messaged Paul Wade before, I've never seen anything by him on weighted calisthenics. Could you ask him for his opinion? I dropped weights because of you and him, but I don't see how extra weight could hinder you, I am mostly thinking of dips and pull ups with hanging weight and pistol squats with weight vest or weight to chest.

  2. hi bro I ve just found your channel and I must say that you are doing amazing job but I have a question why when you do leg raises your arms are bended a little bit because I heard that they should be fully extended. could you please explain that?

  3. Hey Matt, my right shoulder is holding me back on pullups. My left side wants to be more dominant. I don't feel this on pushing movements. I doubt it's an imbalance, and i don't feel pain, but it fatigues quickly in pullups. Which is why my left side is more dominant. Any suggestions.

  4. Part of the issue with carbs is people think they need more than they really need. A strength training workout does not burn many calories. Take dead lifts ( one of the most taxing exercises) as an example, a hard set of 8 reps burns around 1 calorie per rep. Also the 'afterburn' of a given workout is usually under 70 calories so there's really no need to 'carb load'.

  5. low carb for me NOT sustainable.

    i am a family guy who eats most of the meals with others…and i tried a few times no carb, keto, vegan etc…

    to be honest…got me only a lot of stress and very bad times with family/friends.

    like you always say…I eat everything, i don't care about carbs, i don't care about sugar. i even stopped tracking calories.

    only thing I truly adhear to is your plant/protein/photo (i make of everything a photo, for me only) strategy and that I STOP eating when full.

    i don't get any extreme results anymore but hey! i eat every day like a king and maintain my results easily!
    Adjust and Conquer!!!

  6. CICO without hormonal context is just not reality. Restriction of carbs work because most adults are suffering from pre diabetes. So it is easier to restrict calories and fix your insulin sensitivity by restricting carbs and adding fats specially cholesterol for hormonal support and satiety.

    Are carbs bad? not at all, but most people in western society would benefit greatly of periods of very low intake.

  7. I'm going low carb 100 grams a day oats and banana, boue berries.maybe some sweet potato… trying to get lean to about 10% body fat. Fitness Pal finally has a six pack going low carb. Plus I've been reading alot of golden era bodybuilders talking about low carb. But I'll do mine calisthenics version instead of weights just because I like to the aspect of having app like strength.

    .I notice for myself when I used to lift weights and stopped my muscle would go down after a couple of weeks not working out. With CALISTHENICS it doesn't happen to me….seems more solid just my opinion.

  8. Dear fitness messiah,
    I'm a 20 yo 5'5" female. I currently fluctuate between 170 and 180 lbs. I'm not trying to be swole. I just want to be a healthy weight, maybe a bit toned but mostly I want to feel strong.
    I'm still recovering from bulimia and work closely with my therapist and GP. Carbs scare me sometimes because it seems like it's generally calorie dense and doesn't fill me up(even things like potato , yam, rice etc). I found out rice has close to 200 cal in 1 cup and I cant unknow that. That terrifies me and sometimes triggers binges followed by extreme guilt (I no longer purge). I'm determined to lose weight in a healthy way this time (lowest weight was 125 before recovery) to prove the sick side of my mind wrong.
    I find that I can't pass 1500 cal a day or I'll just maintain. If I go beyond 2200 then I gain. I attend uni so on average I get in at least 12000 steps a day. I also workout 2 to 3 times a week, on Fridays I workout with a classmate. I get in at least 40 mins of yoga per day to release stress. I'm trying to build an arsenal of good fibre rich, filling whole foods that will keep me full with zero guilt.
    Also, I still can't do a single push up. All my strength is in my legs but my arms are like wet toilet paper.
    I feel a bit lost, what can I do to prove my ED mind wrong and meet my goals.
    Huge fan all the way from Jamaica


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