Indian Diet Chart | My Diet Chart(English Subtitles)| What I eat in a Day | Tamil Weight loss tips

Healthy diet chart to follow for weight loss. How breakfast and dinner time is important for weight loss.
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  1. Mam I just taking carrot and beetroot juice. After cumin water. That juice any problem in body like kidney stones and liver failure…. I just watch one video if we take beetroot juice it's make many problems… Its true or not…..

  2. Nan morning 50 minutes walk poran mam.

    Then Entha diet chart ha follow pana kandipa weight reduce ahguma mam … Nan neyriya diet plans ha paathean really very confused etha follow pandrathunu … Im 89 kgs 27 age marriage ahitu 1.5 years ahchi baby illa pcos iruku so.. shall i follow diz diet

  3. Unga video va na eppa Tha first time pakura na weight loss pannanum Tha video la pakka vantha eppa enaku konjam thariyam vanthuruku Kandipa na try panra pannitu na result sollura mam

  4. Ss.niga solluradhu crt dr sis . after delivery na over weight ta irudhean. 101 kg aaidean..6 month sapadu control la sapdean.walking 1hours ponnean.avodhan..Vera ethum full la seera water eduthukidean.ipa 10kg reduce pannidean..ipo 91kg….

  5. Subtitles are really very useful.
    Many suggest to drink warm lemon water in empty stomach but it is true that it will cause ulcer . Since lemon juice has citric acid, it will damage the soft delicate lining of the stomach.

    The most practical diet ever. Romba drama and show illama romba romba elimaya solringa. Romba nandri.


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