I Tried The RAW VEGAN DIET For A Week! 🍌🍉🥑🥕🥦

Gooood morning my beautiful friends! This week I tried the raw vegan diet for one week, I hope you enjoy the video 🙂

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CAMERA: Sony a5000 & GoPro Hero 3+
EDITING: Adobe Premiere Pro

✰ This video is not sponsored. Products marked with an asterix were gifted to me however opinions are, as always, my own 🙂


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  1. i always ad chia, hemp and linseeds to my smoothies. Very filling.. Also as a raw vegan of 5 years your calories are extremely low. Just an example for breakfast I had 300 grams of banana, 200 grams spinach, raw vegan protein powder, table spoon of chlorella, chia, hemp and linseeds and 3 cups of my fresh almond milk. Use cronometer and make sure you get what you really need. It is so damn important.

  2. Great video and experiment but I need a combination of cooked and raw vegan whole plants foods. I have also heard that the raw vegan whole plants foods diet is more expensive so I can't afford to do it longterm.

  3. I would like to eat more raw foods but … I prefer salty taste over sweet. And fridge space is something which I don't have. So I would like tips on that. Thanks. 🙂

  4. The chocolate is what is probably making you feel bad bc it is bad for acid reflux. The watermelon is the best thing to eat when you have upset like that but everybody is different

  5. You can eat nuts as a fruitarian. Fruitarians eat all plants which are given by the mother plant without destroying it. I hope you understand, I am German and my English is not very perfect 😬
    I love your recipes 😍

  6. I think if your breaking out your body is going through a detox. Just like transitioning into vegan. Your craving vegan processed foods and eating raw foods right off the bat. Your body is in shock on top of stress. I don’t necessarily think the rawness of it is to blame. I went raw because I found myself craving vegan processed foods and the longer I did it I didn’t crave junky food anymore.

  7. My favourite yummy and easy raw food guide is Ellen Fisher's ebook Epic Raw Vegan. I was raw vegan when it was all the rage a few years ago and yeah it felt good. Nice to mix it up and have options of how to eat vegan from junkish all the way to raw. Something for everyone hey! 💚✌

  8. Can’t wait for this series !! You should try a week only eating one food 🍌🍌🍌🍌
    If you try ‘raw’ again you can use dehydrated products to add variety, sprouted lentils and blend things into soups 🍜 Raw Amazonia also does an amazing raw protein powder.

    Kate Flowers does amazing recipes!

    Sending good vibes like always xx

  9. Hey, just an advise. Before you put the almonds or the cashews in the vitamix or anywhere, you need to hydrate on a bowl to absorbe all the nutrients. Sry for my english, best wishes from Argentina! Rlly good video!

  10. mixing fats with fruits especially melon can cause digestion issues. i used to eat watermelon w other stuff and feel ill. now i just eat melon on an empty tummy first thing in the AM or as a snack by itself when i’m hungry 💛🌙

  11. All i know is id fail raw unless i ate Acai bowls all the time lol and 1 im to broke for that and 2 i couldnt be fucked lol Awesome video tho so interested with the raw diet! i think its great to have raw days tho with more fruit as it helps the bodies digestive system chill a bit lol wee all need to chill


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