How to Meal Plan for Beginners

We’re sharing a step by step guide on how to meal plan for beginners! Meal planning for a week for our family saves us a ton of time and money. Whether you are meal planning for a family or just yourself, mastering meal prepping is a game changer!

Our meal prep playlist:

Weekly meal plan on our website:

Weekly Meal Plan December 2017 Week #2

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  1. Loved that you had all those steps well thought out. It's stupud, but I never thought in terms of servings, and I always end up cooking not enough or too much (goes in the freezer in that case), or there's not matching quantities of curry to rice kind of thing.
    A few storage tips: salads and things like that, I like keeping them on the menu for the first few days following my food shopping, and for the rest of the week, eating other vegetables that keep longer. Also, if you eat veggies as snacks, or want raw veg options for later in the week, keep in mind a few storage tricks: veg like carrots or celery keep nicely cut up, in some water, that you change every couple of days, leafy greens keep well wrapped in a tea towel that you should spray with water from time to time (or just shake your wet hands over!!) to keep the air flowing and moisture in. Broccoli, leeks, spring onions (great to add on top of anything!) and such keep well woth their base in a glass of water, again, change out the water from time to time; if it's not to hot I. youe house, you can leave them out on the counter. Same with parsley, coriander, mint, and all the other herbs you might have cut up; bonus, many herbs will grow roots, keeping them fresh and if you let the roots grow long, you can repot/plant them. Onions, potatoes and many hard, root veggies keep best in a dark, cool, well ventilated space, so you could out them in the container made of wire (old school pantries kind of thing) or wooden pallets etc, in a cupboard that doesn't get hot or simply in a dark space in your house somewhere that is well ventilated. Oh, and tomatoes, berries and a lot of other fruits should never go in the fridge (they're not in season right now, but til for this summer!) cause they lose their taste; better to buy fewer of them and eat them quickly after buying than putting them in the fridge to eat at the end of the week.

  2. Yep my husband needs change with meals and doesn’t like leftovers that often. I meal plan weekly some times even bi-weekly and shop the sales each week which is how I plan my future week’s meals 🙂

  3. Love that you all are getting into these more!! I'm trying to follow those meal prep videos that go by "x ingredients for the week" or something where you cook in bulk a certain number of ingredients (7-10), and combine them to make a ton of different meals. Helps with the variety factor 🙂

  4. I like all of the info that you guys give out. Question: How can that work on a fixed income? I do go thru my pantry & fridge before I go shopping! Oh yea, I don't cook as much as I use to.☺

  5. I love your videos! they really help me by motivating me to get my shit together when i am really not feeling good about life by showing that doing life doesn't have to be that hard. can you please make a video with career development advice for young professionals/recent graduates struggling to find jobs and develop their career?


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