Lose Weight & Keep It Off Long Term // Weight Loss On A VEGAN DIET // Get Fit & Toned For Summer // Caroline Deisler


1. Intermittent Fasting
2. Workout on an empty stomach
3. Cleanse your colon
4. Take good quality probiotics
5. Focus on whole fresh fruits and raw vegetables
6. Workout
7. Speed up your metabolism (ex. drinking lemon water in the morning)
8. Sauna, steam room, taking hot/cold showers, cryotherapy, massages, foam rolling
9. Get enough sleep

Hey Guys

Summer is around the corner and I got so many messages from you guys asking about “How to lose weight on a Vegan diet?” I personally, never focused on weight loss and got naturally leaner and more toned over time, as a side effect of eating a whole food plant-based diet. However, there are a few things you can do to speed up the process which I´m sharing in this video. 🙂

I love to look at our health from a holistic point of view which means you consider every aspect of life. Food, Sleep, Stress and Exercise all determine how our body stored calories as fat and should be looked at when you are trying to lose weight.

I also think eating should always be enjoyable and delicious otherwise you won’t stick to it long term and I have never been a fan of quick diets that leave you grumpy and unsatisfied. What about you guys?

I hope you found this video helpful! 🙂 Please share it with anyone who could benefit from it and let me know in the comments if you have any questions.💕

Sending you all a big hug.
xx Caroline




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  1. You look anorexic. Please dont lose more weight! Its not good for your body. Infact I suggest you gain some weight!If I didnt care about you I wouldnt tell you that you look anorexic girl. Im not trying to hate dont misunderstand me. Btw I love your hair😍😍

  2. What if you take medication, that you must eat food before you take them? I’d love to do intermediate fasting. But I have to eat in the morning, before I take my pills. Is there another tip you can give me or alternative? Please let me know 💖💓💕

  3. My gosh, you are cute, but so happy I am not doing intermittent fasting anymore, it got me to stop being vegan for a while. Now I eat as soon as I am hungry, even if before a work-out. No rules just follow your body man. Eating enough is so essential for me. NOT EATING AFTER AN HOUR FROM THE WORKOUT?? But that is when you need to refuel to actually recover in the most efficient way

  4. Don't eat till 4pm if possible.. yeah right. Tbh I feel you have a super unhealthy relationship to food and you're scary skinny. Maybe you don't realize it but it comes across like you don't eat, work out and live intuitively, so many rules.. you only live once. 🙁 When I had my eating disorder I also tried to do all kinds of things to "speed up" my metabolism.. This is no hate at all, just maybe think about if you really wanna spread this kind of information, just cam be really triggering for people with an unhealthy relationship to food.

  5. Hi Caroline, ich schreibe einfach kurz deutsch…hoffe das ist ok. Danke für das schöne Video. Ich muss nicht abnehmen aber ich möchte meinem Körper trotzdem nur gutes tun und nicht zunehmen 😉 ich sehe deine tips gerne und übernehme nun schon immer mehr Rezepte von dir. Echt toll. Auch deine tips in diesem Video finde ich super. Auf insta meintest du ja du hast hier noch ein paar Rezepte. Da werde ich mich nochmal sUmschauen. Ich bin vor allem in Smoothie bowls interessiert. Viele liebe Grüße und mach weiter so 👌🏻👍🏻💕

  6. Hello Caroline ! When you fast, do you still eat the same amount within a shorter window of time, or do you eat less ? And why not skipping dinner instead of breakfast 🙂 ?


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