How To LOSE WEIGHT FAST: Top 3 Best Weight Loss Tips!

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Watch this video where I share my Top 3 Best Weight Loss Tips on How To Lose Weight Fast. I reveal what is my method for dramatic, permanent, and sustainable weight loss which helped me lose weight FAST! I lost 50lbs in 8 weeks and have maintained the weight loss for over 7 years. Try this method and see ow fast and easy you lose weight. Let me know how your results turn out in the comments section below!

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  1. Hi Alek,
    I gave up low carb and going back to oatmeal and breads, on your plan of course 😃
    I had satisfying meals today so I’m going to skip dinner.
    I’m down to 216 from 222 in a little over a week, now I’m going hard core and skipping dinner, I can always eat tomorrow morning!

  2. Hi Alek So pretty much what your saying is eat breakfast, lunch and snacks, what ever you want like pizza, hamburger ,cake ect.. and have a dinner like salad or veggs and you will lose weight. Or am I just confused . Thank you


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