How to lose fat- Fat Loss tips- Throw away your scale

Theres a difference between weight loss and fat loss. The scale is the worst way to track true fat loss progress because of the so many physiological X-factors that go into that oh so unimportant number.

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  1. Man….This is exactly the video I was looking for. I been doing strength training and doing supersets with jump ropes sweating like crazy but the weight scale bounces back and forth. I still lost some weight overall but next day it jumps back. @Brix

  2. Hey how do u no if your body is holding to much water weight as well I hate the smell of vinegar with that being said Its hard for me to even try let alone drink it what else could I drink to substitute vinegar,but something that works close if not the same as vinegar? Thanks in advance for your comment and response

  3. You are giving me so much life and encouragement to start this journey and be influential in helping my fiance become healthy. He's ready to start his journey so im educating myself as mich as possible to do my part. Thank you!

  4. I've started my weight loss journey two weeks ago, and I've been losing a pound a week, today, I stepped on the scale and I gained a few lbs. I am so discouraged, and I want to give up, but after watching this video, I realize the scale is not important, and what is important is how I feel, how I look, and how I function in the gym. Thank you so much, by the way, I am a new subscriber.

  5. The number the scale isn't changing, nor or my measurements or how I fit my clothes. I've been going hard for years now and no matter what I do I simply cannot lose body fat. I'm about to just give up and accept the fact that it's just meant for me to be fat. It's very depressing because after a years plus I see little to no change at all.

  6. Thanks for this. I has gastric sleeve lost 66 pounds but like you that scale won’t budge. Exercise 5 days a week 30 minutes high protein low carb but my fat is in my belly. Help need to lose this belly fat

  7. My boyfriend sent this to me knowing I get on the scale every moring, and despite eating healthier and living a more active life style and us going to the gym together, I am not seeing numerical results on the scale. This was very excouraging! Thank you


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