How To Increase Testosterone On A Vegan (Vegetarian) Diet

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How to increase testosterone on a vegan diet:

1. Get enough calories
2. Consume about 40% of your calories from Fat, preferably saturated.
3. Get yourself quality Coconut oil and make it the main source of dietary fat, acquiring for about 75% of all fat in your diet.
4. Avoid High PUFA foods, such as :
Flaxseed Oil
Soybean Oil
Walnut Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Most Nuts (Except for Macadamia and Brazil Nuts)
5. Keep your Fiber intake at 25-35 Grams per day, mainly from insoluble fiber. This will help with keeping SHBG in check, proper digestion and estrogen metabolism
6. Get majority of your protein from whole foods. Avoid processed crap.
7. Buckwheat,Quinoa,Millet, Black and Pinto beans are all great sources of protein on a vegan diet.
8. Avoid Soy based fake meats. They are usually full off PUFAs and additives.
9. Hold your carbs at 40% of calories. Use it as a baseline and play around with it depending on your goal and caloric intake.
10. Consume mainly starches to fuel your training, and have good energy levels:
White Rice (Not a nutrient dense one but still a great addition to meals as a starchy carb source. Brown Rice is not optimal for DHT though.)
All Kinds of potatoes. A great Vitamin C and potassium dense food. (Sweet potatoes not optimal for DHT though)
11. Consume nutrient dense fruits to get good amount of micronutrients and fructose to lower SHBG
12. Get yourself some Vitamin D3 and start supplementing with it. For fixing a deficiency 5000 iu per day for a month will be optimal, continued by a maintenance dose of 2000 iu per day
13. Supplement with Vitamin B12 and Calcium
14. Take care of your diet to avoid or fix micronutrient deficiencies
15. Avoid Anti-androgens

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  1. i used to have very high test wgen i was in my 30s and my life was hell , im much happier now that im in my 50,s having much much lower test , i cant grow muscle like i once did but im happy now , its no good as a male being sex mad all the time , i was 6 foot 4 in tall with 22 in arms and v muscular , women really hate alpha males i find especially ones like me who had a good sense of humour and had just retired from the Army , its funny how men think wopmen like blokes with muscles , women tend to like the 4ft tall petty criminal types who will steal their mums handbag and shit on her doorstep , i wish women had more testosterone ive never met one with a sex drive yet , blimey ive been shot , ive seen ghosts and aliens ive seen strange monsters lurking around in deserts ive been in hudreds of countries , ive been rich and poor , ive been in a couple of plane crashes , ive even seen an elephant fly but i have never ever ever ever seen a woman with a sex drive , if any men out there think they have a Mrs with one beware , she is faking it , you are either an arseole cos that turns them on or she is trying to line you up for fraud or divorce , women cant have sex drives , look at other mammals , the male fights to the death to be the strongest so he might get a shag , nature doesnt work the other way round , if it did women would choose arseoles and pretty boys [ um like they do now ] but seriously they really dont have a drive anything like a males , men and women are a very bad match , in this modern era people have the least amount of sex EVER, 98% of straight men said they dont get enough and 72 % of them werent getting ANY , the only sex most men see is on telly and in films , male suicide is the highest ever , here in Perth Australia where there are loads of beautiful women is one of the highest places for male depression , many men try to get Asian brides . fuck its depressing , make love not war they say , hah im still trying , ive been to 4 wars , it was easy to get involved with them , bloody depressing , of course many men lie about getting sex they think it makes them look macho , its not the macho men who are getting the women though its the school boys , theres something in the water , prostate cancer is poised to become an epidemic in men , if you dont get rid of it nature kills u off [ if u arent mating whats the point in being alive in natures eyes i suppose ]

  2. Apart from trying to sell a book , all you`re really saying is : not to do too much or too little , some supplements are good some are bad , some things work , some don`t … etc. how can it be useful ? Have the guts to tell us which are good and which are bad , what exactly works and what doesn`t , how much is too much , is there a formula to determine it … that might help , otherwise it`s just a waste of time … or if you do not know the answers, please tell us. The overuse of the word " whatever " is very annoying. It`s typically used by those can`t express themselves clearly and eloquently and just aren`t sure what they`re talking about … or don`t care much … well then … whatever

  3. I went 100% plant based "vegan" in 2015 for 1 full year. My test levels after were 650ish. I went back on eggs after. My recent blood work I posted on my channel. My test levels are 947. 41 years old, no TRT.

  4. …..WOW!!!! Hey!…FYI: I just ordered your book, from ! I think that it looks like a Great reference, and I look forward to reading and learning a lot from it! Thanks!!!

  5. Question: there are multiple types of phytoestrogen; I've read some of which effectively block estrogen by binding to receptors effectively preventing stronger estrogens from binding. If true which types of food contain these beneficial phytoestrogens…… I've heard chia is good.

  6. What about HEMP PROTEIN as a protein source? Please dig into that, it's a very interesting food, it got meat-like minerals and 20 amino acids + omega 3 so I wonder how good or bad it is, Chris!

  7. Dude you want a high omega 3 intake and less saturated fat not more. The science is clear: saturated fat and cholesteral cause heart disease the leading cause of death worldwide. The first thing to stop working is your dick. ED is a great heart disease indicator.

  8. Slightly confusing ,ur discussing protein for vegans and yet u show an egg , if a person is eating just fruits and rice and fats such as avocado and now we shouldn’t eat beans according to ur research where do we get the protein , u do know that most of the longevity in the world is in the blue zones and these ppl are the highest consumers of legumes . So ok , can u explain where an athlete or weight lifter can obtain 20 percent of there daily protein from thanks

  9. Very bad advice on the saturated fat, coconut oil clogs arteries every bit as much as the fat on meat, as does avocado oil, hemp oil, all oils. Best to get your fat from nuts, seeds, avocados etc to avoid coronary heary disease.

  10. I agree with a lot of your points – except for the nut part! (no pun intended) As a vegan i depend on these for a major source of minerals and good fats. I would like to know why you are "against" the other nuts (pistachios for example) or even almonds. Any thoughts?

  11. How many days a week training do you think is good man? I train three times a week and have rest days in between, and have seen some good results but its also a very structured and manageable routine

  12. Hi / Your video is very informative, but please take your videos to a professional video editor. Your cut away shots are great, audio, great. However, in most of your paragraphs, you ramble. I understand the industry words that you are using, but get to the point. Do the shout out, at the very end of the production. All the very best Shaun of NYC


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