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  1. I cant find food I’m fucked , i weigh 54 kg , i get full quick and i cant find anything vegan in my area, so i have to prepare evth myself which is ridiculous

  2. I like to bake a bag of frozen crinkle fries (which are relatively low fat) in the oven while cooking some Bush's Vegetarian baked beans (big can) on the stove. I use the beans as a dip for the fries, and sometimes just wind up dumping a few fries in there and stirring it around before I eat them. It unexpectedly tasted like Beanie Weanies when I first did it, so that was an awesome surprise!

    I also just ordered some TVP and plan on using that so I can get back to my favorite spaghetti and taco recipes!

  3. I'm recently transitioning from a vegetarian diet to a vegan diet. My biggest concern is my high soy intake. I've subsituted eggs with soy, so my breakfast is usually a soy protein shake and oats, followed by some sort of soy for lunch then whole grains for dinner. I'm worried about the consequences of a high soy diet.

  4. Great info, thanks for sharing many details I never thought about… for now I am on a vegeterian diet (just cheese). I love and clarity in your videos, thanks for teaching us from your experience 💪💪💪 Hugs from Argentina

  5. Do you have any advice for keeping body fat at a moderate level when trying to gain on a vegan diet? As most of the protein sources are high in fat too… Or do you just reduced carb intake to compensate

  6. If you need more energy from fat, omega 3 isnt actually ideal. Monounsaturated fat is the one you want to eat for energy delivery. Its found in olive, and even better, in canola/rape oil. BTW, chia is a huge waste of money imo, 10x as expensive as flax, not any better and doesnt even grow in europe.

  7. people saying "oh youre so lucky your metabolism doesnt make you gain weight as fast " to all those people i say fuck you. i hate that metabolism so dont ever say its an advantage, cos im fucking struggling to gain weight and i hate it.

  8. Hi there I love your channel and the meal preps, Im trying to transition to a vegan, I can use your meal prep ideas no problem but I spend most of my day at university in the art studio, and i cant find much vegan lunch ideas so in can take food with me and not miss out on meals, theres not a microwave i can use so it has to be cold and im trying to save money so i dont wanna buy at the cafe everyday, the only thing i can think of is peanut butter sandwiches but i dont even like peanut butter, i dont really like chickpeas either, i know i can take fruit but i need a lot more calories as im usually in the studio between 10 aand 6 ive watched countless full days of eating vegan and i cant find any ideas, i would really appreciate it if you could help thanks


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