How To Be Loyal To Your Own Soul: The Raw Vegan Diet Reveals All!

Imagine that everything you have is suddenly taken away from you (everything, meaning possessions, relationships, friendships, status, job/career, accomplishments and achievements, etc.) What if all you had was yourself? How would you feel? What would you actually have of value?

No matter what happens externally and no matter what’s taken away, you must learn how to not be affected internally!

Say these worlds to yourself! Believe these words to strengthen loyalty to your own soul:

I believe in myself.
I am just as valuable as other people.
I would rather be me than someone else.
I am proud of my accomplishments.
I feel good when I get compliments.
I can handle criticism.
I am good at solving problems.
I love trying new things.
I respect myself.
I like the way I look.
I love myself even when others reject me.
I know my positive qualities.
I focus on my successes and not my failures.
I’m not afraid to make mistakes.
I am happy to be me.

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  1. raw plant foods don't contain adequate nutrition. nothing wrong with cooking food. the point of eating is for your stomach acid to break it down and your gut to process it to apply the nutrients to your body. if you restrict yourself to foods that can only be eaten raw then you will become nutrient deficient. starches, beans, peas, lentils, etc, are fantastic.

  2. Hello good Shane ! How beautiful this video was ✨I love this way of explaining such a deep thing that nobody talks about. 🌞 much love vibes to you and your family

  3. Holy snapping duck poopy! I gotta work on a few of those 15!! O_o
    Was thinking about sweet potato for dinner…guess I better eat those amazing pawpaws I have on the fruit table instead! :p
    Love ya Brah 😀 <3

  4. Thank you Shane for a constant reminder to be on the Hero's journey. Your channel is growing faster than before, I am sure it's going to keep growing bigger and bigger.

  5. I love this Shane. Coaching with you on this journey is helping me be more aware, and honest with myself. I’m grateful that you help me break out of my frequent silence which is easy for me to fall into since conversations with old friends have become wonky and confusing.

  6. Great video Shane! I love the affirmations and incorporating healing words for our soul. I am on Day 53 of Juice Feasting. I feel that it is a great act of self-love, choosing the highest form of nutrition for me. Thank you for being such an awesome coach on this journey!


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