How I Lost 145 Pounds Eating Low Carb

A little about me, who I am, what I’ve gone through, and why I’ve created this low carb living channel.

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The book that helped me lose 145 pounds (and saved my life):
“Why We Get Fat,” by Gary Taubes —

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  1. Absolutely Dot. The focus should not be on loosing weight, but eating to live. If you focus on giving your body what it needs nutritionally, not anything more, your body adjusts to its own weight… thus loosing weight which is just ONE of the many side benefits of your new energizing lifestyle. I liken it to when we were kids, we never were hungry, we ate great home cooked meals at our family table, then at our Grandparents for holidays… but us kids just wanted to hurry through our meals so we could run outside and play, color on front porch with a brand new box of crayons, or open our brand new set of color forms, paper dolls, and or A new Barbie clothes outfit! I also played volleyball, whiffle ball, softball, football with my brother and friends, basketball, camping trails, etc. I think of it as avoiding pain, who likes pain? Lol. I have always liked seeking foods that naturally are anti-depressant, anti-arthritic, anti-inflammatory… why? Because I like being happy and pain Free! Just like when I was a kid, I don’t want to have to think about my body preventing me from doing things I like, or my body preventing me from anything… I think any medications are not good for the body if you can help it… because your body can absorb and metabolize all the nutrients it needs if there are not anything in the body from blocking those. Medication of any kind uses up the body reserves like enzymes, minerals, amino acids, and many other processes we do not know about, even creating spaces in liver for building up toxins that also are leftover when we take meds. Little things like a walk in the sun do way more for us than we realize … it helps build up Vitamin d among many other things simple exercise can do… but vitamin d and B12 are vitamins vital for our overall health and is the reason we can feel so tired, depressed… I also have done research on my own to know that there are over 150 processes for which vitamin d is responsible for… in order for maintaining a healthy body and many of those involve cancer prevention of women such as breast and women’s reproductive health. So sorry for your cervival cancer and so happy you have caught it in time. The great news is that you are now focusing on eating to live, nurturing your body and taking care of yourself first! Slowing down, taking small baby steps to live happy, painfree with no medication… and your side benefits are a healthy weight (no more frustrating days of trying on 20 outfits before work because they don’t fit you, ha, I am a work in process;) another side benefit is most likely no more cervical cancer issues… thank you… just ordered the book! I also subscribed to your awesome channel !!!!! Mary ^ – ^

  2. My experience with high carb diets is that they don't work because they make you hungry. I used to be hungry all of the time. I don't feel that way anymore on the Atkins diet.

  3. I'm so happy I found your channel. I appreciate that you share your knowledge without pushing products or a one fix for all plan. I feel good and not guilty or disappointed in myself after watching your videos which helps so much. Thank You !

  4. women who can only lose weight by restricting sugar ( ie carbs) Have PCOS (the type with insulin resistance.) That's why other diets dont work. Its a metabolic disorder. If you have never been diagnosed with it, well, now you have 🙂

  5. I’ve subscribed because although I’ve lost 60+ pounds with intermittent fasting I have plateaued. I’m currently eating primarily vegetarian but i am thinking about going back to keto. You have an amazing story and I love your cooking videos.

  6. U r truly amazing.. I have been watching ur videos for a few weeks now and I love them.. ur food looks amazing and I am busting to try them all.. I feel that alot of my medical problems are a lot the same as your's although with added extras.. thankfully I don't have cancer although had a few scares and find that no diets that I have come across help me in anyway .. or not for long .. I find exercise in itself a challenge at the moment with chronic pain and fatigue.. I wish to thank u 4 sharing and wish u luck in ur travels through life .. and hopefully I may inspire someone as u have me

  7. I was 185 age 35 .too much. Now 60 143. A lot of reading the labels
    Reading up on bad foods.. have to really want to lose. Can't help but say. You are what you eat. The American Diabetic Association diet. Is the best. Drink water. No soda. No sweeteners, White : potatoes, rice and bread. Read the labels. If you can't understand the ingredients don't eat it.

  8. Very encouraging, I am 24 years old and in 4 1/4 months I have lost 40 lbs😀 yes low carb diffently works for both me and my husband!! We both feel amazing, since we have cut out all the junk food from our diet:) I couldn't be more happier.

  9. Are you or have you done any intermittent fasting? The damaged cells you mentioned are "cleaned-up" in fasting, by a process called autophagy. I'm sure it would be beneficial when someone is dealing with cancer. It works alongside of a keto or low carb, high fat diet. All the best to you. I've just started intermittent fasting, w/a low carb, high fat diet and already see the benefits, just about 10 days in. 🙂

  10. So you follow the keto diet? I tried to follow the keto diet and admittedly I love the fat and the keto diet. But I cannot stomach eating meat every day or at every meal. I stopped eating pork 15 years ago, I eat very little red meat although yesterday I did make a big pot of stew with lots of veggies and have a pound of stew meat. It's delicious. But it's a mental thing about eating animals. So I'm really curious if that's the diet following or if it really is just cutting out sugar and simple carbs and going for more veggies, etc. By the way what about rice and whole wheat, etc.?

  11. Hi Dot! Great information. My dr has me on the Whole30 plan right now due to inflammation to see what im sensitive to. So no grains dairy or sugar. just doing this plan i feel much better and loads more energy. i need to lose 100 lbs as well. without the carbs i don't feel weighed down. I am determined to not go back to carbs. ty so much and I subbed!

  12. These so called experts are trying to kill us…. For years they been saying fat free this fat free that no FAT!! Keto has been there secret forever and for whatever reason they are introducing to everybody now

    That's my theory

  13. Like you, I knew I was overweight, but just how bad I had no idea. I thought I was about 198-200 pounds, but was 245! That was all I needed to get healthy. I've started keto a little more than a month ago and the loss has been moderate, but steady. My problem is fatty liver and low liver function. No issues with diabetes or high blood pressure. On keto I have energy, sleep well, I'm not constantly hungry and I'm satisfied with small portions. How I was eating was the problem. Eating at the computer and just shoveling it in without consciously thinking. What I was eating was another problem. High carbs – pasta, potatoes and rice. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. It's so encouraging. I know that if I don't give up I'll achieve my goal. Bless you Dot and I wish you a complete recovery.

  14. Thank you so much for sharing you sound a lot like me before you’re old you I am trying and praying that the low-carb diet will work for me as well it has worked for you thank you again for sharing God bless you I will subscribe to your channel and watch the stuff that you cook and learn from you thank you


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