Hareem Farooq Weight Loss Secret Tips & Her Diet Plan To Lose Weight 🤔 | Heer Maan Ja Movie Trailer

How Hareem Farooq Lost 40 kg Weight In Heer Maan Ja movie? | She Speaks On Dolly Darling Episode With Nadia Khan
‘Diet’ & Weight loss – Every girl aims to look forward to maintaining that perfect, fat loss hour-glass figure for movie Heer Maan Ja. However, in the Pakistani entertainment industry, many male and female celebrities have had major weight loss transformations that have surprised us all! But the one we found very motivating and inspiring, was Hareem Farooq’s. You won’t believe it, but yes! Hareem Farooq has lost up to 40 kgs weight in a year.
Hareem’s easy weight-loss tips are below!
1. Set a benchmark before you begin. Not just ANY benchmark.
2. Workout routine – You don’t have to work out EVERY day.
3. Don’t give up. You need to stay motivated.
4. Eating habits – Do NOT skip meals.
Don’t kill yourself – Skinny is not your ‘goal’.
Last but not the least, take out time for yourself and love yourself
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  1. lol nimboo pani wo bhi empty stomach is very dangerous as lemon contain more acid it can cause ulcer when taken empty stomach
    second fact egg yolk weight bharata hai only to have egg white when u are on diet ya actress khabi kuch sach nhi batani jhooti kahi ki

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  3. Jessy he media ladies weight reduce krti hain

    I m really surprised why they start exposing their body 😱

    You guys a pretty with normal weight then try to expose only if without it you will not earn ❗

  4. So when you say Pakistani, I hope it doesn't have dirty dances because it's not in our Pakistani culture at all. We just follow whatever is happening in Indian movies. We don't just think for ourselves to make better movies like Iranians make no dance no makeup only story and that too so influential that many have been awarded with international award.


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