Hair-Loss on a Vegan Diet? + My Meals for Healthy Hair

“I had this friend who knew this girl who went vegan and all her hair fell out.” ⬅️Lets not be that person.

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Healthy hair is a sign of a healthy body. The most common causes of hair-thinning on any diet are:
– Diet: Lack of calories, lack of iron, lack of B-vitamins, and lack of essential fatty acids
– Hormonal Issues: thyroid hormones, estrogen/progesterone imbalance, stress hormones.
– Scalp Care: heat styling, silicone products, harsh chemical, hair dyes, baking soda (or other alkalizing ingredients), and traction alopecia.

Sol lets eat some lentils, grind some flax, oil our scalps, and chill the f**k out for the sake of our hair 🙏🏼✌🏼

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  1. Oh absolutely tell us all about stuff while also showing us what you eat and why !! It just so happened that day I wet my hair and added a small amount of vinegar and then slathered a good amount of coconut oil and kept my hair in braids for several hours today and then I rinsed it out and I’m shampooing and conditioning with some suave professionals rosemary and mint invigorating clean 0% parabens and dyes shampoo and conditioner … thank you so much for sharing so much with us !

  2. Your expressions make me both laugh and truly take what you are saying to heart as far as advice, All without triggering me into a spiral of freaking out about needing to stop freaking out. My internal dialogue pauses in laughter for a moment, and understands what you are saying. And that’s a big deal

  3. I just found your channel when searching this topic. I have had so many factors that have played into why my hair is falling out and breaking off. I have been fully vegan for about a year and a half, got off hormonal birth control almost a year ago, started exercising again and have had illness in the family in which I have had to step into a caretaker role which has caused me to be extremely stressed. I have gotten a therapist, professional hair dresser and hair growth natural shampoo, cut off the dead ends, started tracking my nutrients again and making sure I am looking into my lifestyle and general happiness. I needed to some information and reassurance that what I am going through is natural and that it can be treated. I have had long hair my whole life and this has truly effective my confidence and identity as much as I which it didn't. Thank you for all your knowledge and I have subscribed and turned on notifications. 🙂

  4. Please do a mukbang. Your plates are so fabulously filled with amazing food. We need to know do you really eat all that. It would be good for so many to see that you completely satisfy yourself.

  5. Your photography is so good and your food prep and presentation is so good. It makes me want to try making everything you show! Am I correct in guessing you are a trained chef and husband a professional videographer?

  6. I love love love you videos and all the information. I love the way you present yourself and how real you are. I’m straight but I maybe I love with you. Please don’t stop you are an inspiration. I have only just started this journey and am not vegan but your videos are helping with my transition. I went from bacon eggs and toast every day to a huge 32 oz smoothie or fruit for breakfast. Lots of salads. Still learning. I want to start making some of your foods so I can have more variety. When you use garbanzo beans, do you used canned or cook them yourself?

  7. Why is your skin tone so white so pale and u live in Hawaii?? Sun is very good for u and only way u can get Vit D..noticed vegans often have pale skin with little color..from lack of protein??

  8. I really enjoyed this style vid, and learned a lot – thank you 🙂 I'm not vegan myself, but you made some wonderful points to consider, and some great tips about hair care and health. Your videos inspire me to base more and more of my diet on whole plant foods, and I love that you seem to have a never ending way of presenting / cooking / flavouring those foods

  9. Hair loss comes for the most part through the adrenal glands. Not so real by the thyroid gland. The adrenal glands do control the functioning of the thyroid gland. Taking supplements for the thyroid gland is dangerous because the body does not delay the thyroid gland for nothing! If the adrenal glands can no longer follow, the body slows the thyroid gland to protect itself against even more damage! ALWAYS work on the adrenal function first!

  10. Do not forget that boiling food completely breaks down vitamin C. We humans are made to eat raw food, not to eat cooked food! Cooked food causes degenerative diseases!

  11. You held up a bottle of the supplement you said you started taking for your hair but the lighting was bad so there was no way to see the label. What was the supplement? It was at the 5:26 count. Mahalo🌺

  12. im so upset! you really hyped up the black strap molasses (and i will still be using it for its amazing nutrients) but i got the same kind you have and it tastes absolutely awful!! i dont even understand why its called a sweetener! it tasted like thick soy sauce. is mine just a bad batch or am i just being a baby? send help. also if anything do you have any other sweetener recommendations ?


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