Grocery Haul & Meal Plan February 18-24, 2019**My Lazy Week**

Im taking the week off! Sorta lol. Chris is out of town and Im tired of cooking so I want easy meals, leftovers, etc for the next few days. Thanks for watching and have a wonderful week.

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  1. I have so many different things I enjoy making and eating. My favorite would be sloppy joe tater tot casserole. I plan on sharing how to make that on my channel very soon. Thank you for sharing your haul & meal plan with us. Take care Kristi!!!

  2. That sounds like a good week! I love making enough to have leftovers. Our fav meals are spaghetti, chicken Alfredo & tacos. It's challenging bcoz I'm vegan & the rest, in the house, are meat eaters.

  3. Our go to meal is salmon patties…fried potatoes…mac n cheese an salad…u deserve a week off…ur a very busy mom…wish we had 1 of those outlet grocery stores😕…thx as always friend💙💙💙💙

  4. I love the United grocery outlet! I picked up the cookie dough. It’s so tasty, but dangerous lol. I wish they had the pulled chicken. I might have to go back and look for it.

  5. Hi Kristi – You deserve a week off. I wish I had your energy. Your meals sound good. I’m so disappointed that since my surgery, I can’t eat lettuce. You are doing so good with your no to low carb eating. How much was your “Enlightened ice
    cream”? I don’t mind the protein ice creams, but here they are $5.00 a pint. Ouch! Since it’s just me, I’m going to take some ground turkey with the taco seasoning, and use my low carb wraps. I’ll use some sour cream & cheese. Nothing fancy. You take care! 🤗❤️🤗

  6. I have been Meal planning for the past two months now..Coming up with different meals each night is becoming harder. However I am getting my pantry lower so I can reorganize it and plan better and save more money. My kids favorite is when my husband pan fries Ramen noodle with vegetables. However yesterdays Ceasar chicken over butter lettuce with fresh grated parmesan was a hit…

  7. If you need a week off, you need a week off!.. don't feel bad about it, Mama life is hard sometimes!
    You always make me hungry when I look at your meal
    My daughter always makes me make boiled chicken and we use it for different stuff.. she mostly likes when I slap some bar-b-q sauce on it and broil it for a few minutes.. add some veggies and she's good to go!
    Have an awesome day sweetie!


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