Grocery Haul & Meal Plan

Today I am in my kitchen and we are going to be talking about grocery hauls and meal plans. Deciding what to make for dinner everyday can be a frustrating process. So in this video I share my grocery haul for the week, my meal plan in my planner and what our dinners look like for the week.. I always like to see what everyone is making for dinner and what they buy at the grocery store so maybe this will help some of you to get motivated and try something new for the week. I would love to know in the comments below what all of you are making for dinner, maybe together we can motivate each other!

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  1. Chicken cutlets: I take 2 boneless skinless chicken breast, cut them in half lengthwise. Now you have 4 thinner breast. In a pie plate add 2 eggs w/1 tsp salt. Mix that up good. In another pie plate add 2 cups "Panko" bread crumbs. Now heat oil in a skillet large enough to cook 4 breast. When oil is hot enough to fry a cube of bread, dip breast 1 at time into the egg mixture then into bread crumbs then into hot oil. When one side is golden brown turn it over and repeat. After cooking, place on paper towels. If oil is just right the chicken is light and delicious and does not absorb much oil! Simple and delicious.

  2. Hi Mickey!😊 I love this video on meal planning!! All of your meals this week sound delicious. I would love your chicken cacciatore recipe. My family loves chicken. This week we had meatball sliders, chicken parm w/ penne, Chinese take out (sesame chicken, broccoli in brown sauce & egg rolls, chicken pot pie filling over rice and tonight we had chicken parm subs. I hope you continue to do grocery hauls and meal planning, etc! Have a great weekend! 😊Joanie

  3. I have another recipe for you. I made it last night and it was good. I will tweak it next time I make it. Just look up chicken poblano and mushrooms here on YouTube. I will add a can of cream of mushroom next time. In place of the cream.

  4. Sirloin steak cut into cubes and put into roasting bag (turkey roasting bag) shake with flour, salt, & pepper. Add onions, cubed potatoes, cut carrots, green beans…shake again. Mix two tbsp. of Better Than Bouillon beef flavor with 2 cups of boiling water and some tomato paste and pour into bag. Cook @ 325 or 350 depending on how much time you have. I also added garlic powder & other spices along with 1/2 cup red wine before I closed the bag. No clean-up!

  5. Recipe share: Cowboy Suprise.
    1 pound Hamburger fry with one onion and seasoning. Add 1 package of Mexican rice let simmer until tender. Add 1 can Ranch Style beans and a can of Rotel. Top with Velvetta until melted. Serve with tortillas or Chips. Adjust the spice with the Rotel to your family's preference.

  6. Last week we had Sloppy Joe's Monday, Turkey burgers Tuesday, Spaghetti with meat sauce Wednesday, Fish on Thursday. We eat out on Fridays. I always meal plan like you with the menu on the left side of my planner pages with the grocery list on the right side. I check my pantry and freezer first and buy only if needed. This has helped with duplicates crowding my pantry and becoming outdated. I work full time so always looking for quick yummy recipes. I cook on Saturday and Sunday also and love making a little more elaborate dinners with more time, such as Beef Stew or Roast Chicken. Thanks for the video and showing the finished dinners too!


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