F(x) Luna Extreme Weight Loss 2009 – 2019 (Full)

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F(x) Luna was body shammed for her weight during debut, and after she lost weight she got body-shamed even more. Luna is now stuck in an endless cycle of dangerous dieting.
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  1. Unpopular opinion but its time for fx to just disband so Luna can go full on 100% solo. Her and amber are the only ones holding on to the group and working too hard to be pushed aside.
    This waiting is killing fans and Luna is killing herself trying to stay relevant and get work.

    What's with all her body based jobs lately? Diet products doet shows bikini cfs.
    Gods sake Luna needs to be on immortal song, duest festival, sketchbook, masked singer, radio etc. Why are they wasting her talents?

  2. The people commenting are so horrible, I makes me so mad that they think they have the right to judge and have an opinion about her body. Nothing is ever enough…

  3. These people saying mean things most of the time they are not fit themselves and they are just looking for a way to hurt someone , she should not listen to them , she looks amazing .

  4. Luna being my bias, it just angers me with this situation around her appearance. I remember these Luna Alphabet episodes and at the time I saw nothing wrong with them. Looking back, I realize Luna is a master at convincing people she's okay. I mean, we don't know for sure, but there are a handful of signs showing she isn't. I wish I could do more than just stream her music and leave positive comments on her posts. I just want her to be happy with herself and know she has many fans who love her no matter what.

  5. the people you feature in your videos need to watch your videos because your videos are just so empowering. like, you show beyond the negatives but also what caused them and how fans should have reacted ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Looks like orthorexia :/ She is hopelessly addicted to crash dieting, its the only time she gets attention and the only thing netizen talk about. Not a word about her vocal ever. Luna talks more about weight loss than singing or dancing, she's become a dieting influencer on social media than a kpop star.

  7. Luna is just bless with natrual muscular legs. She NEVER had any issue with cellulite, lose skin or fat. These netizens wouldn't even recognize how her legs are what most women in fitness have to spend months of squats, dead lifts, running and more squats to even acheive a small percentage of fat free smooth legs. Luna was naturally built that way, ugh it' burns me how so damn rude and dumb k-netizens can be towards idols bodies.

  8. Maybe to boost her popularity they should invite Luna to popular variety shows like happy together or just beauty talk shows, have her own youtube channel where she does covers or something. I think SM just doesn't WANT to promote her.

  9. I definitely don't support unhealthy methods but I really like her face and body. She looks more confident it just seems that she can't find the balance between losing or gaining weight but she will.

  10. Even after years of recovery I'm still shocked how much of my youth I wasted obsessing over weight and body image. Having a free mind and a good relationship with my body >>>>>>>

    I follow Luna on Instagram and sometimes it makes me sad how directionless she must feel. I really really wish her the best and that she can escape the toxic diet mindset… 😔

  11. So sad that a person with this much talent gets so much shit about her looks. First of all she looks amazing and second even if she didn't she is so talented it should't even matter.

  12. Thank you for uploading the full video for us broke viewers aha
    sigh I don't know why I watched this so late though- about to go to bed pissed off now :L
    My poor girl..

  13. I miss her a lot and I wish she could be happier and healthier.. She is one of my beloved ultimates and she helped me a lot, I always wished for her to be successful and popular because if there was a rank for those who deserve it, she would be at the first place


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