FullyRaw Kristina is Getting “FAT” On a Raw Vegan Diet!?

FullyRawKristina Weight Gain “GETTING FAT” On A Raw Vegan Diet! – Kristina just released a video addressing her recent weight gain on a raw vegan lifestyle…

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Instagram – https://instagram.com/lighttwins

Music – Ahrix – Nova [NCS Release]


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  1. Do you have ENDOMETRIOSIS and Andemoysis. Yas might because you sound like a bitch. Why u hating cause she gain some weight? Women bodies are completely different then your skinny, punny bitch ass 21st century indoctrinated up little SJW whiny brats. 😂😂

  2. She was sick and a child before. She is now a woman and healthy. It's a complete shame society thinks what is healthy and attractive on a woman are emaciated, sick bodies or a child's body. No healthy woman of 5'7" should look like she did before, she was under 100 pounds guys. "Gaining weight" in this case is a good, healthy thing and shouldn't be criticized whatsoever. It's a shame people are going after her.

  3. Google Robert Lustig. Sugars in the diet trigger the release of insulin, and insulin causes weight gain. Normally whole raw fruits wouldn't be a problem since the fiber blunts the impact of the sugar, but using pitted dates might be. Using honey, palm sugar or other "raw sweeteners" as part of your regular diet definitely can.

    Any diet that gets rid of sugars, from raw to keto, will undoubtedly lower your BMI and improve your health from that alone.

  4. She's awesome. I don't think necessarily they're picking on her. Every one is different everyone's struction and body type is different. Sleep deprivarion, stress ext stress causes high levels of cortisol which causes weight gain. She comes up with a vegan life style and pushes the envelope with amazing meals, 4 businesses and her book. That is a lot for a person . So they broken down what negatives what people are saying and they are explaining the possiblites with a positive response. She's healthy she's happy.

  5. Vegan diet is not always about losing weight or fitness. Some people become vegan for environmental and ethnical reasons because they don’t want to eat animals. I hate how the vegan community focuses too much on physical appearance than the well being of vegans themselves and the world around them.

  6. The  body's immune system slows down when  under stress. The adrenal gland , which are small organs above your kidneys, respond to stress  by releasing hormones like cortisol. They regulate your blood pressure heart. Sleep deprivation increases risk of  respiratory diseases, weight gain etc… Hormone imbalance can cause weight gain, and a specialist is needed to help in balancing the hormones so that you feel well, healthy and balanced  The key especially for women who cannot lose weight I believe hormones have a lot to do with it as well as possible nutrient deficiencies

  7. Plz she didn’t gain weigh she looks great more healthy then that skinny woman in the other pic her skin is glowing and she looks fabulous energetic and just plain healthy not fat too different things u just jealous, she’s hot and you just can’t handle it!!


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