the previous video got cut off in the end so i uploaded it again! hope u enjoy 🙂 all credits go to rose subliminals.

Be careful with this sub! I’ts very extreme. Drink water and only listen 4 times a day ❤️


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  1. Hey guys!

    I just found out about the rose subliminal thing (apparently she put a lot of weird stuff in her subliminals and deleted her channel + Instagram). Here is a video if you wanna know more about it. https://youtu.be/n4PflCZzv9A

    Personally nothing bad has happened to me while using this subliminal. I won’t delete it cause it works for me and for others. Be careful tho! If you notice something weird going on with you while using this subliminal please stop!!

    Use at your own risk and please be careful ❤️

  2. ~Updates~

    Heyo, I'm going to log my progress here so please remind me lol. I won't be able to weigh myself everyday and I just started my period so at first the weigh ins won't be extremely accurate but whatever.
    I personally trust this video based on my intuition and the accusations from baddie seems kinda fake and over exaggerated to me so don't lecture me in the replies. I used this when it came out and loved it and I've never gotten negative results from Rose.

    Day 1: just using this 4 times, my stomach feels tight and warm, and I feel more aware of my ribs than before. I think I'm about 117 lbs

    Day 2: my stomach feels really tight the first time I'm listening. I weighed myself and I'm 117.8 but it's probably a bit inaccurate because of my period

    Day 3: same weight but again it’s probably not accurate, I think my waist and legs look a little thinner

    Day 4: nothing much, my calves look smaller but I couldn't weigh myself today. my period is making me shove food into my face like a maniac. my ribs definitely poke out more though (it's just my body type I'm healthy don't worry)

    Day 5: my stomach and waist look a LOT skinner. no difference in legs but when I looked at my stomach this morning I was pretty shocked. this is really powerful so don't use it more than 4 times a day though!

    Day 6:

    Day 7:

  3. DONT TRUST THIS SUBLIMINAL rose made this subliminal and she’s been exposed for using bad affirmations in other subs like I destroy their minds she tried to defend herself but later she took down all her videos I WOULNT TRUST THIS SUB

  4. to everyone who's nervous to listen to this: i've been using this sub for a while and i haven't experienced any side effects and it's super strong!! nothing bad should happen, but rose subliminals specifically said DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS MORE THAN 4 TIMES A DAY and drink lots of water, because the affirmations are very strong!

  5. Just stop you all. Rose is innocent and has done nothing. I honestly didn't like baddie subliminal and after all that drama… Ooooofffff 😒😒
    You people should see the video explaining people what's the actual tea. She posted it in her channel d. And the someone is back channel is also not hers..

  6. ok so imma be using this sub and I know that lots of ppl are saying is bad and stuff but I’m gonna be careful and I’m rlly desperate to get my summer body ya’know🤪
    🦋age: 14
    💦height: 5’10
    🌀gw: 52kg
    day 1 30/5/19 – so yesterday I hadn’t eaten that much and I weighed myself and I was 62.4kg (138)which sucks cause I had been using weight loss subs for about 2 weeks and nothing had happened. So I listened to this 4 times at night then in the morning I listened 4 times and I weighed myself after breakfast (pancake and bacon oops) and I’m 60.1kg (132)y’all. Ayyye ya girl lost 2kg+ in the first day🤯🤯
    day 2 31/05/19 – I just weighed myself this morning and I’m now 59.75kg (131) which is great to be under 60kg but I only lost like a pound so rip😂
    day 3 1/06/19 – yoo so I weighed myself and I’m 59.3kg (130)yesss I’m nearly under 59 and I lost another pound today
    day 5 3/6/19 – so I didn’t listen yesterday cause I was busy and I was worried I would gain some weight cause I ate a lot that day but I’m 59.15kg ayyye still not under 59 but still good🤷‍♀️
    day 6 58.95 – yesss finally I’m so pumped
    Ok so I’ve stopped using this sub because I stopped getting results 😔😔


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