Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition Season 1 Episode 2 Alex

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  1. here's what I really need… I mean, REALLY, really, REALLY need:

    healthy and powerful and safe and responsible and HONEST ways…

    to release rage.

    I been youtubing and googling looking for ideas and I am stumped.

    anyone got any tips/suggestions?

  2. I love these TV shows But ! I can,t help feel bad for all the many people out their that have had an equally bad life and are trying to lose Weight with no help or support and no reward of Money or skin Removal surgery at the end of it. its nice for these people But sucks for everyone else.

  3. this show is abit extreme dont u think?at his body weight should he be doing that kind of exercises?im afraid he might break something…..he should be doing some sort of cardio in water or something….

  4. I’ve been in Alex’s shoes, my mother passed away when I was 13 and for 8 years I’ve been stuck in the past and I realised that living in the past has no future in it, so I got my drivers license a couple of weeks ago, I’m buying my own car and then I’m going to the gym to get bigger and stronger and more confident than ever before, just like Alex but I wanna gain muscle not lose weight

  5. I m five feet n eight inches tall…. Three years ago I weighed 95 kgs which came as a huge blow to my confidence….. I just changed my diet and now I weigh 84kgs…. Though it's not a drastic change but yes I look far better than how I used to…. My height has always been a blessing as it doesn't lemme look fat…. Though inside I know that I need to reduce ten more kgs to be healthy….. Seeing this video I got enough of the motivation to carry on my journey to being fit….. 😊


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