Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition Season 1 Episode 1 Rachel

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  1. 5:22 What a Big Lie…..this is suppose , to be the State of the Art Health longivity Institute etc…..yet they don't have a bloody Weight Scale to use, other than a shipping dock scale ???…LOL….this tactic is meant to embaress the contestant….nothing more….
    19:40 Mom must feel like shit….realizing that she has been poisoning her family with bad portions and unhealthy food.

  2. I can't imagine thinking the way her mum does. I mean, her daughter is finally getting help, they are all going to be getting nutritional advice and help and she wants the work outs to be quieter and not to waste food? Jesus christ

  3. Yes, this is a huge accomplishment, but 208 lbs (94.4 kg) is still a lot of weight to carry. She still has a bit more way to go. Regardless though, congratulations!

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  5. Hey guys. Fabulous vid.

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  7. This young lady breaks my heart. She is NOT a disappointment because she is overweight. Her weight is NOT her worth in life. She is beautiful, inside and out, no matter WHAT her weight is.

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