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Miranda Kerr gave us an exclusive look at her meal plan for the day- and it involves mini pancakes!

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  1. Don’t be so dramatic guys. I eat the same amount she does. No you won‘t starve. Yes there is enough calories involved. It is all a matter of what portion size our stomach is „used to“. Of course if you usually eat a large plate this might look and feel too little.

  2. How rich ppl eat. Actually she did eat anything unhealthy. It's amazing how all of it was natural. I tried eating healthy but it's so hard. Don't realise how healthy these super models r once u start eating healthy too. I'm bloody difficult and expensive.

  3. i think its hilarious how people are freaking out over the size of the pancakes when she literally said herself they were mini pancakes lmao — also, just because you might need an unnecessarily large amount of pancakes to stay full doesn’t mean she does. (also she ate those pancakes with a smoothie, all of that probably kept her full??)


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