EASY MEAL PREP RECIPES || gluten free + paleo-friendly

Today I’m sharing easy meal prep ideas that are gluten free and paleo-friendly (just sub in almond butter in the muffins and ditch the cotija :)). I’m linking to all the recipes below, I hope you make them and love them!! xo

MUFFINS: https://thetoastedpinenut.com/banana-walnut-chocolate-chip-muffins/

INSTANT POT CHICKEN (x2 for five days meal prep): https://thetoastedpinenut.com/meal-prep-instant-pot-bruschetta-shredded-chicken/

– use 1 spiralized butternut squash as the noodles. saute over medium-high heat for five minutes, tossing frequently with tongs. Add three minced garlic cloves, sea salt, and 1/4 cup water/ Continue to toss for another 3 – 5 minutes until all the water is absorbed, the noodles are tender but not breaking apart.

STUFFED PEPPERS (use 5 peppers and x2 the rice mixture in this blog post for five days meal prep): https://thetoastedpinenut.com/sweet-potato-rice-stuffed-peppers/

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