Dr. Sarah Hallberg: Low Carb Diets and Weight Loss pt 1

Is the weight-loss advice and information we’ve been getting helpful or correct? No, says Dr. Sarah Hallberg, medical director of IU Health Arnett’s medical weight-loss program.

The evidence, she says, is found in both the scientific studies of the past few years as well as 35 years of increasing obesity and diabetes rates in the United States.

Hallberg presents a lecture titled “Changing Our Message: Obesity and the Failure of the Dietary Guidelines,” This was originally presented on Sunday, September 21, at IU Health Arnett Hospital in Lafayette, Indiana. The presentation was free and all available seats taken.

In these videos, Dr. Hallberg discusses the problems with the current dietary guidelines, including the lack of solid science behind the recommendations. She also discusses the basic science and recent research findings of low-carbohydrate diets.


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  1. Dr. Garth Davis MD weight loss surgeon states that carb consumption is inversely related to the chance of getting diabetes and that the more carbs we consume the less chance of diabetes. Neal Barnard says fatty foods cause diabetes not sugar and carbohydrates that a meat-based diet causes diabetes and eating sugar doesn't, eating high fat causes heart disease. So processed meat causes cancer and diabetes but the ADA says this meat (processed) is okay along with a certain amount of carbs. I'm confused. "doubt is the product" of the association of keeping the public misinformed. Choose Wisely your food and Medical propaganda. I'm type 2 diabetic I've been watching you for about 6 weeks now following your information on ditching all the medication changing my eating habits and lo and behold I've dropped 13 lb went cold turkey on carbs heavy on fats good fats as you state in your documentaries I never could wake up in the morning with a fasting reading of under 200 now I wake up testing my blood and it's 120 130 thank you so much.

  2. I've been on LCHF one day shy of a month. I've lost almost 10 lbs so far. The true results will be known from a bodpod which I have access to since I'm in the military.

  3. Give the good doctor a break — it's not her voice but poor recording conditions. I am just grateful for the valuable information she is providing here. She consistently delivers tremendously informative lectures. Thanks, Doc!

  4. these videos i have found so helpful. my only concern is..what happened? in all the videos she mentions new studies they are doing/trying, etc. but, its been a year since last post. i would love an update video on findings and experiences, new research etc. facts she provides are amazing. i even have doctors argue against this to this day.

  5. Dr. Spock? He populated genital mutilation in America. My Foreskin. My Choice. Spock might have had food right by dint that he was before then disastrous government recommendations. The doctors were wrong about fat and they are wrong about the sexual assault of circumcision. Spock, to his credit, decades later came out against this mutilation but not after millions had been damaged.

  6. A lot of other things happened too, increased consumerism, increased in quality of life and food choices and availability, increases in technology which increase sedentary lifestyles/reduce active lifestyles etc. Look at most Asian countries, they don't eat the pizza and cheeseburgers we eat. Fish and rice. The US is fat for many reasons. Eat less, eat better, and get moving. A body at rest will tend to stay a rest, a body in motion however…

  7. Wassup dude, I use this app called eat this much. I really like it. anyways, if I'm putting all my food in and my at calories are at 1989, 43.7g carbs (15.9g net) 152g of fats, and 113g of protein. Would this be too many calories? Thanks in advance.


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