Do Low Carb Diets lead to Death?

This study focuses on low-carb diets and explores the health risks that are associated with them.

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  1. I have been told precisely how carbs were linked with weight gain and therefore generally to steer clear of carbs, still had never regarded using them to lose fat. The number one strategy behind the 4 stage fat loss treatment is to condition your body to burn fat for energy rather than carbs.

  2. Find your channel after seeing your comment on a wim hof clip. Looking forward to listening to you. I've done the deep breathing exercises for over 25 years and once mastered with centredness they've been invaluable to me in so many situations. I also incorporate them into my hypnotherapy sessions.

  3. 32% more likely to die from any cause = 68% less likely to die from any cause ? 35% more likely to die from cancer = 65% less likely to die of cancer………….Am I the only one who is puzzled by the statistics ?


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