Did a Vegan Diet Kill Luke Perry?

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  1. Luke Perry never said he was anything close to vegan and the sources are LITERALLY come to the opposite conclusions your making. Please consider getting your own LDRs and Collestoral tested by your doctor and involving a dietitian in your extreme dieting experiments.

  2. This video is so stupid I'm almost speechless. You can't even get the basics of Perry's diet right. YOu completely misinterpret the science. You jump to the most absurd and idiotic conclusions. Listening to you is akin to listening to an epileptic seizure … that can talk. hahahaha you're about as dumb as it gets. Soooooooooo dumb.

  3. What i find funny is Mic the vegan exposed you with facts and links to the studies he referred to. However, you don't have the links to the studies you are referring to.

    Hiding something.

  4. You’re guessing about a persons health. This proves you are a hack at best, dangerous to the health industry at worst.
    Low animal food is bad?
    PLEASE show the peer reviewed articles. Doubt you have this.

    Have you read the studies on the Roman Gladiators? They were predominately Plant Based.
    You are one of the most reckless you-tubers on this social media app.

  5. You are not helping people, dude, you are severely ignorant about this subject, my opinion is based in actual medical and scientific facts, you are not helping you are actually affecting your followers in a negative way.

  6. An excess of red meat is carcinogenic and causes heart disease according to the World Health Association. Cancer and heart disease also happen to be America's two largest causes of death. Don't drag a vegan diet, promote a healthy balance of proteins, fats, vitamins, etc. You can achieve good health on a diet whether it is plant based or not!

  7. Dude, unless you are a medical professional and knowledgeable about nutrition, you should not put out this bogus information. It's okay if you don't believe in a vegan or WFPB diet, but there's no need to kill the people who'll believe your dangerously incorrect dialogue.

  8. He wasn’t a vegan, but not eating enough meat can cause pernicious anemia or a stroke. It can happen in a very short time. Smoking can cause a stroke, but after quite a few years. His doctor probably told him to give up red meat, which was the wrong advice. He probably was eating less meat and more grains, which made it worse. A lot of people have gluten intolerance and can’t eat grains. One guy had colon cancer and his doctor told him he had to give up grains.

  9. This information is helping people. I was fooled by
    All these people so called health specialists promising
    The plants were a cure all . Just because you
    Lose weight on a diet dosen't make it good for
    You that is what people are not getting until they get sick
    Even doing vegan for a week off and on can be harmful
    For you hormones and everything. In my opinion.

  10. watching this gave me a headache, its but painful how misleading some people can be, please do your own research, i promise you the more you read and learn the more BS you can wade threw and this video "click bait" may as well be a neon sign "labeled misinformation and twisted facts".
    Luke Perry was never vegan, he never claimed to be vegan, he continued to eat meat his whole life, random fact Perry was a 2 cartons a week smoker for close to a decade (random fact included seen Frank can throw in random facts guess i can to). When Perry was diagnosed he cut down his on meat intake, not eliminated meat, this be definition means he could not be a vegetarian or vegan. i feel sorry of the people who believe this, the misinformation this and simulator messages out there are sharing is scary. Sadly this will get more exposure by me commenting on this and giving it more exposure is what helps get even more negative attention, i hope people out there are doing there own research.
    a credit to the late Luke Perry weather it be threw his own research or the aid of his doctors Perry increased his fiber which is a method backed by science to holt the further growth of the cancer cells, yes there is evidence.

    p.s. i'm not a Vegan (if that even matters) and this is my first sad rant on Youtube ever, but if posting this helps one person see the stupid in this, then they can go out into a world of misinformation with the right tools to think and act for themselves then the headache of watching this was some how worth while.


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