Denise Austin: Ultimate Fat Burn Workout

Denise Austin: Ultimate Fat Burn Workout is designed to boost metabolism and blast away calories through a series of explosive cardio interval exercises that combine elements of sports drills, aerobics, kickboxing, and ab-sculpting recovery moves. Tone your entire body, sculpt muscle, and strengthen your core as iconic trainer, Denise Austin takes you through this intense, effective workout that is sure to increase your energy and get you results fast! For more fat-burning workouts, Click Here:

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This workout is from Denise Austin’s DVD “Quick Cardio Burn”.

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  1. My goto for cardio is Zumba or Dance Fitness, but somedays I want an easy traditional style aerobic routine. This is perfect! Easy to follow does not translate into a easy workout LOL

  2. 매일저녁에 스트레칭후 저 운동하고, 7시이후에 배고프면 토마토갈아마시거나 아몬드먹고 6개월동안 10kg 빠졌었음.

  3. 5:50 I just noticed this girl on the far left wearing light yellow.. she is lazy doing this workout and not really jumping.. I was thinking maybe:
    A. Her boobs are fake
    B. She’s fit already so she thinks she doesn’t have to try harder
    C. She just care to look cute for the camera.
    What you guys think? Also, I’m watching this in 2019 😀


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