CHEAP GROCERY HAUL // 2 Week Meal Plan // $75 Per Week // How to Save on Groceries

Hi Friends! Check out this budget friendly grocery haul where I feed my family of 4, in Los Angeles, for $75 per week! I also share my meal plan, tips on saving on groceries, and clearance surprises!

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Budget Friendly Grocery Haul // Feed a Family of 4 on Less Than $80 per week!

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  1. I like you cause you are the first one who is actually relating all the groceries with the meal plans plz tell us what you do for lunches as well I am trying to cut back on groceries as well and we eat daily lunches and dinners at home ( kids eat and take lunch left overs for lunch next day) looking forward for your videos and more meal prep videos as well thanks.

  2. it's super easy to make your own jelly or jam, especially if you can get a great deal on the fruit. I use mostly fruit juice to sweeten, with maybe a little sugar, depending on how sweet the fruit is. They have freezer jam recipes, if you're not up to canning, but canning jelly is super easy, and only needs a water bath. It's what I started with. You can also just use a small batch recipe, and keep them in the fridge, depending on how fast the kids go through it. The bottle of pectin has a recipe that makes 2 8 oz jars

  3. just came across your channel…I am very interested in seeing how others stay organized, meal plan, budget, etc. I follow several channels and yours is awesome! Keep up
    the great work and please keep sharing! 😊


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