Can a top Spartan Athletes Perform on a Vegan Diet?

Spartan Up ep 214
Today Joe stalks with Myriam and Jacky Boisett. Can eating only raw fruits and vegetables improve your performance, health and recovery in racing? This week top ranked Spartan athletes Myriam and Jacky explain to Spartan founder Joe Desena how eating a raw vegan diet has enhanced every aspect of their life – from a decade adventure racing to now conquering the obstacle courses at Spartan. Where can you find protein and what is your body really craving? … maybe they are onto something drinking seawater each day!

• Eating raw may help reduce the chance of injury and inflammation
• A healthier diet can potentially alleviate allergies and asthma
• You have to push your body hard to know it well
• To change from a normal diet to a vegan diet should be done in steps
• Put more vegetable juice into your diet by drinking it before meals
• Your body is craving minerals and vitamins
• Watermelons are great for the end of hikes
• Juicing the night before a race may help you feel lighter and ready to go
• Protein can be found in fruits, vegetables and juices
• Palm syrup and a little seawater may be great for you?!  

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Time Stamps:
0:00 Joe intro to the Boisetts
0:52 Athletic Greens
1:22 Interview begins
3:00 eating raw vegan
4:00 It’s not about just performance but about health and recovery
5:00 healing asthma and allergies with a raw diet
6:00 how do you get protein? Myth vs. fact
6:45 Spartan Race vs. expedition racing
7:40 Sleeping on a raw diet
8:38 Athletic Greens Break in an alpine lupine field
12:27 Interview continues
13:00 Yale study on protein consumption in athletes
14:10 we are not omnivores
15:00 how society normalizes a bad diet
16:00 winning adventure races: raw
17:00 pushing your body hard to know it well
17:30 race prep diet
19:00 advice to starting a raw vegan diet
21:00 bring a watermelon to the top of mountains 🙂
22:00 health benefits of seawater
23:00 Joe De Sena’s commentary on the interview and what’s coming up next!
24:00 Athletic Greens special offer for Spartan’s

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Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.
Hosts: Joe De Sena with Johnny Waite, Sefra Alexandra, and Col. Tim Nye.
Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra
Production Assistant – Andrea Hagarty

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  1. Hey Spartan Up,
    I'm a big fan of the podcast series and almost every podcast episode I've watched or listened to – but I am bitterly disappointed with this episode… I don't think it is very good advice for the Spartan community at all. I just gave a "thumbs-down" / "I dislike this" to this episode. Sad to see Spartan Up / Spartan social media feeds / Joe going this way, in regards to "healthy nutrition" for everyone.

    Is #Spartan promoting a pro-Vegan agenda now?
    I watched this #SpartanUp podcast episode, and can see that Joe De Sena is apparently a big fan of being Vegan, but I don't think it's great advice for everyone who follows Spartan or participates in Spartan events…

  2. You asked us to reply if this caused us to rethink our diets. One item that intrigued me was when Myriam mentioned drinking raw seawater. I would really like to try that, and here's why. If you were to give me a salt lick, I'd put MORE salt on it. If drinking raw seawater will help reduce my craving for more salt, which usually comes on things like chips, fries, etc, then I would change that in a heartbeat!!

  3. At 40 I feel 20 years younger. Been a whole food plant based diet eater for over 11 years now. I had full reconstructive knee surgery at 25 and had terrible arthritis, but now many years later I have none. Do CrossFit, Breakdancing, Parkour, and run and my joints feel great still. Before I was on glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM, did help a little then but nothing like now. Define age eat high nutrient dense foods. It is a good investment. Like the stock market, you want to invest in something that will give you a positive return, not a negative one. Which stock will you invest in?


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