Bloating & Gas on a Vegan Diet

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In this video, I discuss some of the reasons why you may be suffering from bloating & gas on a vegan diet and what you can do to prevent it.

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  1. I’ve been vegan for almost 3 years . I was recently Ill (virus)for 2 weeks so I couldn’t eat .. I’ve recently got better and started eating again but I get bloated and gassy ;(

  2. if you drink smoothies daily and you use a lower quality blender, make sure you're giving the smoothie a couple hours of sitting to let the air escape. if not, you're consuming like 25% air believe it or not. to accelerate this process, you may spin the blades on a low speed (just enough to circulate the smoothie) and bubbles will group up and gain enough volume to float up and out of the smoothie. this was my issue, and i thought i was allergic to grains and i cut out grains and i couldnt even get to 2000 calories a day without bloating because after my smoothie my stomach would enter baloon mode. so yeah just thought i'd share.
    idk why people are saying their farts don't smell tho, i don't have that experience at all. i eat NO processed foods, except for hot sauce, which is very small part of my diet. and my farts small fukkin awful

  3. Greta information…thanks for posting…had this exact issue a few months ago[bloating] as i started eating vegan…tried this plan for 3 months but did not lose a single ounce or any body fat so i stopped…think i will try again…i do get "food comas" after eating lunch [potatoes, asparagus, cauliflower, salad mix from the whole foods hot/salad bar]…not sure why but feel extremely tired after eating.

  4. I went vegan almost 4 years ago & every night is the same..A HUGE BLOATED STOMACH. Tonight I had 4 potatoes, about a cup of black beans & 3 ears of corn for dinner & I'm in sooo much pain right now!! My stomach is killing me.. Its getting really old really fast..

  5. Before this video, it showed an ad with Thomas Delauer saying that we shouldn't eat bananas because they're so high in sugar. Should we trust what he says?

  6. You explained one of the most noticeable changes I had after going plant based… my farts stopped smelling bad. A lot of people don't believe me when I tell them but it's true. Same for my wife. I fart all day at work (just being cautious of the noise) and get away with it. That being said… I do have more gas than before the diet

  7. When you cook beans cook them for 15 then add a tsp of baking soda 2 if your cooking like 6 cups of dry beans then cook for 5 then drain refill with fresh water or add in broth. Get ready to stir because its going to release a gassy foam.

  8. I had a lot of Gaz when I went vegan during 4 years it was horrible but is been a month since I am taking probiotic and it changed my life my belly is finally flat and no more Gaz

  9. I went vegan 2 + yrs ago and remember feeling bloated in the beginning, but after a month or so I became used to eating this diet and all my bloating went away. I also, instantly noticed I didn't get food comas anymore. Instead of feeling tired and lethargic after eating, I had more energy and wanted to get out and be more active.. Vegan diet prevails over all. IMO.

  10. I got gas initially when I first started eating a lot of beans but now I dont get any gas from them. I eat them daily so I think my system just adapted to it. My digestion is now perfect and I eat black beans and chick peas every single day and I mean a lot like an entire can of chick peas lol.

  11. Bananiac do vegans need to supplement with zinc? I read even if we get enough in our diet that we cant absorb it as well from plant sources? Also what are your thoughts on optimal levels of epa dha omega three? Dr Greger did a recent video suggesting that recent evidence shows without direct source of long chain fatty acids vegans dont make enough and this can lead to brain shrinkage?? I take algae form but am confused because I heard so long that vegans are fine without supplementing it.

  12. Well done! I appreciate the work you do.😁
    Good sound advice! My daughter gets this a lot. I’m going to recommend she watch this. (She’s vegan but has issues with this still)


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