Atkins Diet Recipes: Low Carb Shepherd’s Pie (IF)

In partnership with FaveHealthyRecipes, this is an ideal meal for the wintry weather we are experiencing in Iowa right now. The combination of rich beef and gravy with fauxtato layer is a marriage made in heaven. I really think you’ll like this recipe if you try it. For even more low carb friendly entree recipes, FaveHealthyRecipes has a large section of low carb entree ideas. (

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Low Carb Shepherd’s Pie
Beef Mixture Layer:
• 2 lb ground Beef
• 1/2 cup peas (omit on Induction)
• 1/2 cup onions (chopped)
• 1 cup beef broth
• 1 tbsp tomato paste
• 1 tsp Worchestshire sauce
• 1 tsp beef bouillon
• ½ tsp Xanthan gum
• salt and pepper to taste
Fauxtato Layer
• 1 head cauliflower
• 3 tablespoon butter
• ¼ cup sour cream
• salt and pepper to taste
Makes 8 Servings.

Nutrition Info per serving:
376 Calories, 28.7g Fat, 7.2g Total Carbs (2.5g Fiber), 22.3g Protein

(IF) = Induction Friendly
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  1. Kent, this is my favorite version of SP, and I always look up this video in my favorites when I make it. I'm glad to see you're back on YT. Looking forward to seeing more recipes in the future.

  2. my son is on the MAD diet to help his epilepsy. the hardest thing that i am running across is finding things that he would like to eat and still stay in this allotted carb count. I am going to try this tonight and see if he will like it. he can have 10 net carbs a day.

  3. Ok brother loving your vids ! One question ? 5:54 your mixing the Cauliflower & heavy cream pops up ? You do not mention it in the vid & it's not in the recipe ? I was thinking you used that to make it creamy , but you don't have it in the recipe either.. So do I need it when I shop or was that a mistake ? If I do need it when it used ? Thanks so much ! Trying to change my eating habits.

  4. I do a similar recipe, but use turkey mince. The one problem with the cauliflower is that it absolutely doesn't crisp up. I'm gonna look into how many carbs are added if I add a thin layer of potato chips (crisps if you speak proper, like what I do). I really miss the browned potato skin that forms on top.

  5. From the video description:
    "Nutrition Info per serving:
    376 Calories, 28.7g Fat, 7.2g Total Carbs (2.5g Fiber), 22.3g Protein"

    So it is 7.2g TOTAL carbs minus 2.5g fiber to equal 4.7g net carbs per serving.


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