Arthur De Vany Exposed! Paleo diet killed him?

Today we investigate Art De Vany’s alleged facebook account where some shocking details about his health are revealed. The paleo diet has ravaged his body, and he’s trying to cover it up!

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  1. lol he answered on his personal facebook profile.

    ''The announcement in the nonsense post from a vegan site below of my death is premature. A publicity stunt by a fool. His brain is not working because he is a vegan or claims to be.
    I am a little wrinkled, but that is horror movie overhead lighting taken on the deck of our pool.
    I have all my hair, and not much of it is gray, and all my teeth. Its the muscle that is young and the signals it sends to the rest of the body.
    79 is the new 50. Lean and muscular and high stem cell signaling, as you will learn in my forthcoming book on aging.''

  2. Oh, it's probably just his wife keeping the dream, or nightmare I should say, alive. She's the heiress to the Paleo Dynasty after he kicks the bucket. Which will probably be any day now. Maybe VP should bring the wife in for interrogation.

  3. your footwork is spot on like how you did that. I show people how to research like that too my wife mostly and she just says I have too much time on my hands not mentioning that I just shattered whatever myth we are awakening too


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