Anxiety Weight Loss! (It’s Real)

Anxiety weight loss is extremely common in those with anxiety disorders and depression. People that suffer from health anxiety, panic disorder, social anxiety, depression, ocd, agoraphobia or high levels of stress are prone to losing weight. There are many different things that can contribute to weight loss due to anxiety. I cover those in this video! So how do we overcome anxiety or beat anxiety disorder? These are tips that you should be trying every single day to stop your anxiety! Dont skip any days and remember that there will still be bad days. Its how we handle the bad days, that determines how we progress in our mental health. First, discover and work on your root causes of anxiety! Practice gratitude everyday! Everyone has something to be thankful for! Make sure you are exercising daily, eating healthy, keeping a journal, taking a multivitamin, practicing meditation in the mornings and evenings, practicing cbt, keep counseling or therapy as an option, watch positive affirmation and asmr videos, join online support groups, and most importantly do this everyday and dont give up! Thank you so much for the comment, please keep in touch, and please Subscribe if you haven’t gotten the chance!


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  1. Thanks for watching! Leave me a comment! For more Resources on Defeating Anxiety, Click the Description Above! Thank you all for watching! Subscribe, hit that notification bell next to it for updates, like this video, hit up my social networks above in the description & Join the facebook group for Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attack Support! Here is Online Therapy! Affordable, Choose from endless professionals & do it on your phone or PC!

  2. i went from 206 to 181 . not fun. i feel like i lost weight cause of stomach issues. lately ive been having ibs symptoms and the doc said is because of my anxiety. this is a nightmare. i want my weight back. i used to bench 290 now im down to 245. i cant deal with it

  3. I lost almost 60lbs in almost a year all because I changed my diet and most the time I have 0 appetite and even when I eat am still loosing weight am happy overall about the weightloss but it stress me out when I think on what’s causing it

  4. Some people are anxious or obsessed over the quality of their foods. They systematically avoid different foods or food groups because they're told they are unhealthy for them. This is called Orthorexia. I think it's a modern-day disease from all these so-called health gurus that make you feel like everything you eat is bad for you.

  5. Man this is crazy fr. I really did not beleive this exsisted, were at 95 pounds and so far all my blood work etc is neg. It will blow my mind if this is it. I do the same thing I eat GARBAGE & do not gain weight. At this point it's scary fr.

  6. If we eat regularly, but also lose weight.. are this also anxiety disorder.. i eat as usual.. but my minds always think about chronic disease, like cancer.. and that’s make me always has panic attacks.. are this also can make my weight lose so much.. Thank u

  7. Thank you so much Trey this just took a ton off of me I've been loosing weight scared out my mind . Getting tested for everything and they kept talking about stress etc . Question does anxiety pills work ?

  8. Wow this video is such a relief! I been losing weight like mad! 26 lbs in 4 months. One week was six pounds alone. I been thinking I must have cancer or who knows what. My arms have lost muscle which freaks me out. I have been diagnosed with it years ago but its been under control but in the last few months its definitely just got much worse. I get absolutely freaked out. I do all the ticks too I'll even shout random noises and things, always moving legs, pace a lot, rock when I sit. I got anxiety meds but I just got actually taking them lately. But its good to know this is anxiety and not some hidden cancer or something.

  9. I'm dealing with anxiety but I'm stress eater. My weight was 230 lbs before anxiety and now my weight at 260 lbs. In the past, my weight was at 190 lbs before laid off and the stress eating push my weight to 230 lbs.

  10. Hey Trey, ive been watching your videos for about 2 months now and they have helped me deal with anxiety but i just have to ask you something. I wake up everyday fatigue and nauseas and sometimes my left arm will get weak and i keep thinking i have a heart problem or something wrong with me. Ive been to the er and hospital and they did many blood test and a chest xray and said everything is perfect but it just doesn’t go away and its always on my mind i cant stop thinking about it😔😔 Please reply as it will help me feel better Trey keep up the great content and we will all kick anxiety in the BUTT!!!!

  11. Currently dealing with this weightloss and it made me more anxious and feel low but i intend to have a healthy lifestyle this year, excercise,eat healthy,have a positive mindset and get back those lost pounds. Thankyou Trey for this video you just dont know how you help us. God bless 🙏

  12. I have health anxiety , but im completely eating normally , i do exercise. And i sleep pretty well. My anxiety isnt as severe because as soon as i found out i have anxiety i searched up how to treat it or managed it. And so i found you , i didnt actually think its real about weight loss. So now i'll try to reduce stress and anxiety.

  13. I went through complete HELL this past summer due to debilitating panic attacks & anxiety!!! I've never had issues with GAD & PD until 8/17 when I had my first panic attack while I was in a cab stuck in NYC traffic. I'm not a worrier so the crazy thing about my first panic attack was that I was out having a good time with friends. We were uptown shopping & then we grabbed a bite to eat but when we got in the cab I was suddenly struck down by the absolute worst, yuckiest feeling along with rapid heartbeat (120+ bpm), chest pains, & feeling like I couldn't breathe. It scared the living sh*t outta me but I thought maybe it was just a one time thing (spoiler alert: I was so wrong!). I had another panic attack about a month later & it scared me so much that it started to control everything about my life. Long story short I would have an attack every few weeks, even waking up having a panic attack at 4am a few times, but by May 2018 I was having them pretty much every day. My whole life revolved around this nightmare so much so that I completely stopped leaving my house (for 8 weeks) & I had to take a few months leave from work (FMLA). As my panic attacks became more frequent the symptoms got worse & worse. I had everything from belching (I now take Zantac 75mg every day, which helps tremendously), nausea, chest pains, rapid heartbeat, choking/unable to catch my breath, tingling/numbness in my hands & feet, lightheaded/dizzy, rapid weight loss (45 pounds total but I'm not mad at that tbh), major health anxiety (which is crazy bc I'm actually a nurse!) &, the worst one imo, that horrible restless/antsy feeling where you just wanna jump out of your skin. Ugh! Just thinking about it now is giving me the heebie jeebies! I don't wanna jinx anything but I'm happy to say that I haven't had a panic attack in about 3 months & I'm not on any medication atm. I finally saw my GP in November & now that the holidays are over I'm about to start seeing a therapist bc I'm afraid that they'll come back if I'm not more proactive about it. I hate to say it but due to some of the changes I made bc of the anxiety & panic attacks, like completely omitting caffeine & taking better care of my health (I'm taking supplements, working out, & eating much healthier), have made HUGE improvements in my quality of life but I digress …

    Trey … Those few months were the darkest time in my life … I felt so incredibly isolated & alone but your videos gave me so much hope & played a major part in getting me out of that daily panic attack spiral & for that I wanna say THANK YOU!!! Thank you so much for sharing your story 😘😘😘

  14. I have experienced this also. I have health anxiety, panic disorder and general (oooh so fun lol) it got really bad about 3 years ago and I put on alot of weight binge eating. Starting summer 2017 I lost my appetite and started drinking wine at night to combat the symptoms. I have lost 80lbs over a year and a half and just recently cut my wine use back and I have noticed a big difference. My appetite is back the symptoms are lessening. I don't even like alcohol it was to take away the panic but it makes it so much worse in the end. Thank you for your videos.

  15. So, I can't work out with anyone but I can work out in big group settings (marching band).
    Once it was just my mom and I. She was in her room so I decided to work out. Some time in I heard her get up and I automatically turned it off without even thinking or processing what happen and I just sat down and cried.
    Idk what to do, there are no big group of people that work out around were I live. I talk to my therapist and other people but no one has gave any advice or anything, can u help? (Sorry for spelling errors)

  16. Hey i know this has nothing to do with what you talking about but I wanted to know I had a big fear of lymphoma due to someone close to me having it now I’m starting to get swollen lymphnodes because I got to deep into the disease is that possible to happen because I went to the doctor got blood test xrays and sonograms and everything came out good


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