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  1. I don't get it? She quit veganism in 2013 after hearing about Shawn Baker's Carnivore diet, but Shawn has only been into the carnivore diet less than 3 years now?

    Did this woman somehow see into the future, or does the blog post writer need to be fired?

  2. lol 'Has to do with eating a stupid diet' But, they're Vegans, what?
    Does this guy do reviews on the Sv3rige ex-vegan videos, or does he just look for 'weird fringe articles'?
    Um, she was 13.. Making the decision probably didn't go over well with her parents, thus while starting Veganism as 13 she likely didn't have full control of her diet until 19. Just a quick idea of 'how'.
    ….You read fruit and vegetables but then conclude Fruitarian at 14, what? Are you retarded? Why do you totally assume she was mostly eating fruit, at all? It doesn't state a percentage, at …I can't. I'll end up with a 2k word fault list.
    Just two more.. 11:35 If a Vegan diet simply means not eating animal products, how is Fruitarian not Vegan? You have some amazing double think going on there. Name one food that has usable B12, I'll wait.

    14:00 I see, now I understand why you're going on a rant about Furitarian even though the article doesn't ever mention it. You need to fabricate a truth so that you can justify your own diet, got it.

  3. You didn't include flat earth for a change in your list of woo woos. Why the change? I guess you claim to have known all along now that you have the evidence.

  4. Eating only raw food… In India 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 That is SUCH a good idea. This one is more lunatic than vegetable police.

  5. Vegans need to stop promoting Ex-Vegans, and focus on promoting current vegans. The only reason to talk about an ex-vegan is to show why they went wrong if they say they changed for health reasons. Everything else is mostly just someone deciding to be selfish.

  6. Tree ripened picked sweet juicy fruit (not oranges) are acidic? I think people who try fruitarianism dont know what good fruit looks like or how to pick it etc. 99% of the fruit you find out there is going to be acidic since it's picked early. It's very hard to do fruitarianism right since you really need to pay close attention to how ripe the fruit is/quality. I personally have had no issues with my teeth whilst trying a simple monomeal fruitarian diet regime (and big salad at night) while eating ripe fruit but there where times when ripe fruit was not always available and i ate anyways. Guess what, thatsa when i started having issues with my teeth. Honestly most people i meet have no idea how to spot a ripe piece of fruit. Even vegans.

  7. Well there seem to be a lot of successful long term fruitarians: fruitylou; the texas fruitarian; mike vlasaty; fruitarian runner…and many more. Fruit acids can dissolve teeth if you eat fruits all day..and dont rinse or floss and brush, but so can grains. Calcium in foods can heal bones..but not teeth. Teeth mineralize with calcium while in the womb. Their calcium density depends upon the calcium intake of the mother. Once born, calcium will not deposit back into enamel. Graves disease is an overproduction of thyroxine and anyone can get it. Graves disease is not too little thyroid hormone it is the production too MUCH thyroid hormone. It is not caused by too little iodine. Before you do this kind of video..look a few things up. Why do you responders even believe what these exvegans say. We have no idea whatsoever what they were really eating. They are just out making money on youtube. You are helping her do it…but then, i am helping you perpetuate this stupidity because i commented on your video. Im gonna start just reading books while i eat my carrots. I hope for the animal's sake that no one eats like a carnivorous animal for very long.

  8. It’s so strange that all these ex vegans have the exact same symptoms. Checkout TishWonders here on youtube she literally said the same thing about her tooth snapping in half wtf? But she was never fruitarian

  9. If I ever start eating animal products that means my brain has been hijacked by some entity, likely a government/ag corporation entity. Take me, tie me up and torture the demon out of me. I’ve been literally possessed.

  10. I have bloating issues I've been trying to resolve for years. It gets much worse if I eat processed food and takes a long time eating whole foods to reduce it back and it's really hard to eat 100 percent whole foods all the time, so my bloating keeps going up and down…

    To top it all off even when I eat perfectly no processed food for months which is how long it takes to get rid of pre-meal bloating – I still have significant post-meal bloating even on whole foods… I also get 2 kilograms below normal BMI when I manage this. Then I eventually eat processed food for a few days because in modern society it's hard to avoid it, gain 5-7 kilograms, get increased bloating and same thing all over again, several months on whole foods to de-bloat. Yo yo up and down.

    The foods I was told might be bloating me like legumes and raw vegetables are exactly the foods I also need to eat to prevent my folic acid from being low in my blood tests.

    And the gastro said it's because I'm vegan and getting too much fiber even though when I eat processed food and eat less fiber it gets much worse.

    But I don't have a YouTube channel where I am making money and getting attention for how good I look because I don't look good even if I wasn't bloated so for me being bloated isn't such a big deal that it would ever make me ditch veganism.

    I'm still trying to figure out the problem, but even if I never do, I am thinking: even if my veganism is the cause which I doubt it is, having a big bloated stomach vs. innocent beings enslaved, tortured and killed… Hmmmm… I wonder which one is more important to prevent?

    All the doctors I've seen assure me it's just a cosmetic issue and otherwise I am very healthy with perfect cholesterol levels they rarely see at my age, 39.

    So these ex vegan YouTubers base their entire channels on them looking and feeling fabulous all the time so of course the moment those two aren't perfect they ditch veganism but for plebs who can't do that, we don't have to pay with losing a YouTube supported permanent vacation because we can't get that to begin with so there is no reason to ditch veganism for these minor issues, even if they can't be solved – not if your basis is ideological.

    Because if your basis is ideological all you need to ask yourself is: a. Is ditching veganism really necessary and really help my issue? b. Even if it did, does resolving my issue justify supporting the animal Holocaust?

    Maybe there are extreme cases where the issues are severe and there is no other solution, but I get the feeling from all these ex vegans that they had their own dogmatic views of what is a good vegan diet such as natural and raw and those dogmas and their looks which give them money on YouTube were more important to them than veganism.

  11. If somebody is doing a diet that happens to be vegan for health reasons then they shouldn't refer to their diet as vegan. And especially not make a video saying that "Veganism ruined my health" or some shit like that if they were doing a restrictive diet, they should tell the truth and say their restrictive diets ruined their health and made a point of making that clear. If they ever really loved animals they should take responsibility for the fact that they were doing all these quack diets.

  12. Why are vegans so deluded that they don't believe these people when they say that they did everything they could over many months and years and no matter what they did they could not recover their health but by consuming animal products?

  13. Thanks for making these videos. We need a massive amount of real vegans to start a YouTube chanel. These flip flopping, wagon jumping, uneducated, tapeworms are super annoying. I should start a chanel ugh.

  14. If anyone tells you that veganism is insane/extreme/unsustainable long term just show them one of the raw carnists online and boom, suddenly eating a bowl of oatmeal with some fruit, nuts and seeds or a pizza with just tomato sauce and veggie toppings doesn't look nearly as bad as eating raw lambs brains, sheep hearts and testicles.

  15. WHY VEGANS FAIL!!! Farmers are using glyphosate in an ‘off-label’ fashion, as a pre-harvest desiccant on non-GMO food crops. While most farmers spray the crops after they reach maturity, which kills the weeds and makes for easier harvesting, some farmers use glyphosate to force their crops to ripen early. This is increasingly common for crops such as wheat, barley, oats, and beans, and allows farmers to get a better harvest even in areas with a short growing season. Glyphosate has been labelled as a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization’s. Because RoundUp uses special chemicals called “surfactants” to help glyphosate penetrate the plant’s cell wall, you cannot wash glyphosate off of conventionally grown produce. The glyphosate is inside the food. The only way to avoid it is to not eat it. A number of popular breakfast foods, including cereals, granola bars and instant oats, beer, whine, were tested and found to contain potentially dangerous amounts of cancer-linked glyphosate, the main ingredient in weed killer….

  16. I hate these pretentious hippie cunts. Pretend to be all spiritual but really they're just massaging their own egos. I'm looking at you Tim Shieff


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