__underweight .exe [+weight loss] subliminal

this was requested by a lovely person from instagram, enjoy ❤️

♡ be perfectly underweight
♡ weigh less than average for your height and age
♡ lose weight easily
♡ lose weight effortlessly
♡ lose weight without trying at all
♡ lose weight at will
♡ lose weight whenever you want to
♡ lose all unwanted weight
♡ constantly burn calories
♡ burn 1m calories each second
♡ high and fast metabolism
♡ underweight body
♡ skinny body
♡ thin body
♡ slim body
♡ petite body
♡ narrow body
♡ smaller body structure
♡ lighter body frame
♡ immune to building large muscles
♡ immune to gaining weight to above underweight
♡ immune to unwanted weight gain


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