9 Models on the Pressure to Lose Weight and Body Image | The Models | Vogue

In the third episode of “The Models,” Vogue’s four-part docu-series, runway stars get real about eating disorders, size discrimination, and the fashion’s fraught relationship with weight. Through candid conversations and never-before-shared stories, they describe what it’s like to challenge the status quo and why attaining a healthy body image is more important than booking a runway show.

Director: Shaina Danziger

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9 Models on the Pressure to Lose Weight and Body Image | The Models | Vogue


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  1. Well now that your'e aware of the situation… maybe it's time you start doing something about it.. like not photoshopping models/celebreties on covers and in editorials… like casting models with realistic bodies… like literally everything you do needs to change. Hate it how companies/brands exploit the whole body positive movement for gaining an audience. Before you speak clean your own mess. And also- the content in this video is really no surprise to anyone.
    Everyone- especially people in the industry knew this was a problem for YEARS.
    Ridiculous that you wake up now. Start by cleaning your own mess before speaking. Honestly this is so ridiculous.

  2. Why are these models complaining, crying, victimizing themselves, etc?smh No one forced them to to want to be a model. Everyone knows(or should know before thinking about this job) – that a model is hired to be a hanger for clothes and or a canvas for make-up and everyone in the biz wants perfection. All these women are making it about themselves and sound totally unprofessional. I was a signed model back in my day and i never complained. I knew what my job entailed and what was expected of me and was grateful to be part of the whole scene. There is so much money involved in the fashion industry(designers, shows, print, mags, news papers, make-up, hair, etc and everyone wants perfection(if their clothes, etc are so called perfect then they want the model to represent equally or better to make their clothes, etc stand out more). Since there is no such thing as real perfection in anything – it makes the job of a model more difficult and frustrating but someone has to do it. A model is a living, breathing and walking mannequin and nothing more. If these women were able to keep their weight down and stay young – they all would still be modeling in a heart beat.

  3. it's such a shame when vain, greedy and stupid women are not treated nicely. it's important to be nice towards the wealthy, the privileged people are privileged, because they must be loved and adored. they are not like us, they do not deserve to be abused. they are different, abusing them is wrong. They are better and more precious than we are

  4. It is so fake how the fashion industry pretend to be more accepting. You can only be straight size or plus size. Translated underweight or overweight. Between that you get no jobs.
    I’m 16 and my Agency also wants me to lose weight. If you want to succeed you have to fit in.

  5. Are u kiddin me? Vogue is one of the reasons that many many girls these days have very low self esteem. Like..the videos that they post were they show how perfect models are-their skin, their smile their eyes their body and everything. Even the plus size models that they promote are freaking gorgeous cause their faces are perfect and unique. Hate this hypocrisy

  6. I actually couldn`t wait around to take the weight loss plan “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it). I actually was truly ecstatic. I suggest you to Google this strategy as well. My friend has got rid of 10 lbs by now because of this fat loss plan. .

  7. It great that Vogue is posting a video that exposes the modeling industry, but now let's see them make real, ground breaking changes in the types of models that they show and how they treat those models

  8. Sorry guys but lets be real out there: if the body of the model is not supposed to be ideal or almost perfect like these young ladies and part of society says then anymody can be a model, I swear. When these girls will be totally unemployed and I dont think that they have enough education yet to start a regular job. So do not fool yourself please classic beauty standarts are always in

  9. It is all very sad and the problems are real but how did anyone of the models get in that room in the first place?
    If it was a problem the very first time why did they not just not go back?
    Did their mothers or family say well dot go back or was the Prestige of being chosen so great that they suffered it because of MONEY and EGO…
    If you dont want to do something just dot do it…….You cannot years later say they were cruel to me Say it at the time but if you are doing it for money!!! or Fame
    I do not know why they make videos like this the Models know what they magzines want and designers … why put yourself through alll that and complain later… does not make any sense…..Just walk Out!

  10. These girls are trying to fit the mould. I dream of being accepted in Harvard/Yale but I’m not smart enough. I can study really, really, really hard and maybe get in but I will never rise to the top. I know for a fact I’m not smart enough. I just do what I do best and dance because I’m better at dance than uni.


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