7 EASY Weight loss Tips: You Can Do it!

“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present: 7 EASY Weight loss Tips: You Can Do it!

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  1. Every country is almost the same, here in Colombia is just like that. The outside islands contain fresh foods: fruits and veggies, the only difference is that here people have the option of consuming more exotic fruits all the time.

  2. When mom & dad would come to spaghetti dinner every Sunday we would have a hot loaf of french bread with butter. After dinner the remaining leftover bread went out the back door and uncovered into the dumpster. No way or desire or ability to retreive it from the dumpster.
    In my home there is NO : cookies, candy, ice cream, cake, pie, soda, chips, pretzels, frosting, sugar, flour.
    If l desire something sweet, l must get up and either drive or walk to the appropriate satanic store to the specific item l think l need.. Most of the time its just NOT worth the effort, especially if attired in my PJs.

  3. Fasting has helped me in so many ways. I do Mon – Fri 20 hrs fast than eat as "clean" as I can. Sat and Sunday I try to do a 16 hour fast but enjoy eating and drinking. Dropped so much fat while keeping muscle. It sounds hard but I eat around 7pm and as I'm up for work at 4 am I go to bed around 10 pm. This means with sleep and travelling it's is so easy. It took me around a month to get to this level, starting at going 12 hours without eating and then adding one to two hours until I got to the twenty marks. Hope this helps, good luck to everyone. Just don't diet that puts you in the mind of it's not permanent. This is just the way you eat from now on, so it's the norm.
    These videos may be of help:

  4. Please get to the point soon in your video. Moreover some cue tips or captions would help big time. I have to go back and forth the video to find out the main information you intended to share, and it is not an easy thing to do. What it makes me do many a times is, I skip the whole video due to the lack of time or impatience.
    Said that, I have learnt a lot from you guys and I admire your work.
    Just please if you can take care of these two tidbits, it'd help a lot.
    Thankyou and keep doing the good work.

  5. Dear Bob and Brad greetings to you from Azerbaijan PT association. Our country is world famous grenade fruit, in the grocery stores a lot of fruits and vegetabeles. We are glad to remember about us and will be glad to see you in our country). Thank you.

  6. You guys are great! I learn so much from this channel. I needed these reminders about weight loss. I'd like to add that adding more water and ruffage may help as well, helping one feel full longer and reducing headache and nausea.
    Keep On, Keepin' On!

  7. I've worked in restaurants for many years, please DO NOT bring your food!!!!! You will be kicked out!!!! Other than that those guys are right, stop going out so often.

  8. Look at google images of the results of diabetes. I remember when my sister's doctor told her that she was developing diabetes, when someone said she should cut way back on carbohydrates and someone else said, "but that's hard!" Is it harder than losing a foot to diabetes? Your vision? Your life?

  9. I live in South Africa. We are blessed with a lot of good quality fresh produce in our supermarkets. But I have noticed the readymade meal aisles have trebled in the last 20 years and the fresh produce shelf space has shrunk. I have always enjoyed cooking meals from scratch for easy and optimal digestion. A healthy digestive system => healthy metabolism => ideal body weight

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