6 simple ways to lose a little weight

You don’t have to lose a lot for your doctor to take notice. Check out how shaving off even a few pounds can make a dramatic shift in your health. Get more healthy living tips from the Mayo Clinic App: http://mayocl.in/2tbMb57


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  1. I want to share a little testimonial how I lost weight and hope this helps someone.

    I absolutely love food, and all the wrong foods… Chocolate fingers, pizza, cheese on toast, biscuits and no matter how full I was I could always fit another few slices of cheese on toast.
    I visited my mom across country and seeing scales decided to weight myself….. At the point I was 19 stone nearly and Just starting on 3 xl clothing.

    Wake up call…. I had to start a diet where I simply (wish it was simple lol) had to limit myself to 1200 or 1500 calories a day and low saturates which is the cause of strokes and heart problems.
    Within 4 months of this strict diet, sometimes 700 calories in a day where I drank loads of liquid in the form of tea, coffee and coke zero (which is OK and classed as free food that don't effect weight) I had lost 4 stone… It fell off… No snacks, very little sugar and saturates and 4 stone was achieved… No excersize either!!

    After 4 months no matter how little I ate I just could not seem to lose anymore and my target weight is 14….a struggled and had to fight through before the final stone came off.

    I am now 14 stone, my stomach has shrunk because I am use to small meals and get fuller on less.

    I still have occasional mad days where I go over the top with biscuits and chocolates and had to learn to go without the next day and here I am, 9 months on and managed to sustain 14 stone for last few months… It is awesome getting onto large clothes again and everyone has been stunned by the speed of this.

    I'm praying I can keep the weight off now and weigh myself a couple times a week and alter my eating depending on more or less weight.

    If you want to lose weight I challenge you to follow this for just one week and weight yourself before and after and I guarantee you there will be around half a stone gone.

    Keep off the bread, biscuits, crisp and chocolate and do not eat after 6pm…. I promise you, you will lose weight and be on here giving testimony.

    I hope this helps

  2. Did you know is healthy but not healthy….

    Yes you do ok you can leave now.

    No you don’t no worries I’ll tell you

    If fruits are sweet…..
    How do they get the sweetness if sweet as surger…🙃🧐💁🏻‍♀️

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