5 Biggest KETO Tips For Faster Weight Loss

These are the 5 biggest keto tips for faster weight loss. You’ll learn how to start a ketogenic diet and how to change your meal plan to enter ketosis faster. If you’re a beginner looking to lose weight or for fat loss then you can learn a lot from this video as well.
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#1 Fat fast 0:48
#2 Stay away from exogenous ketone products 3:22
#3 Intense exercise or prolonged exercise 5:10
#4 Adding cardio after your weight training 7:45
#5 Keto with traditional fasting 9:15

Let’s move on to my third tip for speeding up weight loss with keto & that’s through intense exercise or prolonged exercise. Now prolonged exercise where you train for a couple hours can wind up doing more harm than good so instead I’d like to focus on intense exercise which can provide all the benefits without the drawbacks. Once again you’re going get to ketosis & begin producing ketones essentially burning fat as your primary source of fuel only after you’ve already depleted your glycogen stores. One of the best ways by far to deplete your glycogen stores with your workout is by lifting heavier weights & in general increasing the intensity of your workouts. As opposed to aerobic workouts like jogging anaerobic workouts will preferentially use glycogen for fuel. Not only will focusing on anaerobic training help you burn through your glycogen stores but it’ll also prevent muscle loss while you burn fat. So this is once again a win-win situation because muscle loss is a very common threat to anyone that’s trying to cut. While you’re cutting regardless of whether you’re doing the ketogenic diet or some other diet plan, it’s going to feel very difficult to match the same weight load that you were using for your exercises before you were trying to lose weight or burn fat. And over a long cut you’re inevitably going to be sure to drop the amount of weight that you use for at least a couple of your exercises. But I need you to do everything you can to fight for every last inch before decreasing the weight that you’re using. What I mean is push yourself to maintain the same weight as long as you can. an example of this would be if you normally bench press 225 pounds for 8 reps when you start cutting 225 pounds may feel significantly heavier then before you started. But instead of giving in to the urge of immediately dropping the weight you want to fight for every last pound. Meaning you might only be able to do 7 reps the first week & then the following week only 6 & then two weeks later you might only be able to do 5 but push yourself to stick to the same weight until your rep range gets really low. Then you can drop down in weight. Again the reason for this is because as a natural your muscle strength is directly tied to how much muscle you lose during a cut. So if you easily give in every time that you’re feeling weak you only accelerate the process of you getting weaker faster while cutting. If you can somehow increase intensity during a cut that’s ideal but that’s something that’s really only going to happen to beginners so at the very least do everything you can to match it. Since we’re on the topic of exercise let me give you the next tip. You can reach ketosis faster, consistently deplete your glycogen stores, & burn more fat by adding cardio after your weight training sessions. Like I already said by performing an intense weight training session with heavy weight you’ll deplete the majority of your glycogen stores. By doing cardio directly after your weight training workouts you’ll be able to deplete even more glycogen stores & if they are already depleted you’ll switch over to primarily using ketones & fat for energy. If you do cardio even low intensity steady state cardio before your weight training session you won’t have the energy to work as hard as you can while lifting weights. We’ve already discussed how that could negatively impact the amount of glycogen you deplete, & how a less intense workout will produce more muscle atrophy throughout a cut. But another thing you should know is that a less productive weight-training session can impact EPOC. Epoc stands for excess post exercise oxygen consumption which essentially occurs because your body needs energy to repair your muscles after you’ve challenged them with some heavy weight training. It allows your body to continue burning fat after the workout is over. You can create more epoc by doing weights first & then finishing off with cardio. This way you get the fat burning benefits of cardio after depleting glyocgen stores from weights & you still continue burning fat after your done. Now for the last tip I know I already spoke of fat fasting, but you can do more of a regular combination of Keto with traditional fasting for a very powerful effect. This is by far one of the best ways because when you have periods


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  1. 3 things have helped me more than anything else for losing weight. Cocaine cocaine cocaine. If your nose gets plugged, some baking soda a spoon and a little coldwater and BOOM!!! Crack rock!!! You can smoke the rock when your nose is too plugged. Nothing feels as good as being slim. Except cocaine. 👍🏻

  2. As long as you have dietary fat in your system, any ketones registered is from the diet, not the body! Only by restricting fat intake and very little carbohydrates can you eventually get your body to break down body fats for fat loss. Intermittent fasting and eating ever other day will assure you of entering into ketosis and losing body fat. Exercise will not do that much, and NO, you don’t lose muscle fat and this has been proven to be true through a number of research papers. Exercising is nonsense. You really don’t understand what true ketosis is.

  3. If there are carbs in your body, your body will burn carbs. Pain and simple. Common sense was all I needed to know that ingesting ketone supplements was not going to do anything but make you piss ketones.

  4. HI, first off. Your videos are great. Secondly, would you recommend this Keto diet to people that have had a serious surgery and cannot workout vigorously at the gym? They can walk and that's about it. I don't mean 5 mile walks. Can one lose weight by doing a Keto diet, even though they can't go nuts in the gym?

  5. So is it the keto working its magic that causes the fat loss or is it simply the big drop in calories? Ive always thought that things were as simple as calories in vs calories burned.

  6. I've been on OMAD, but i thought I needed something more. And I was WAY below my caloric intake, so I had to stop. I've been slacking a little. So I want to start keto as soon as I get those foods.

  7. I'm NOT doing keto for weight loss OR muscle building, I'm doing it for health, potentially pre diabetes/ insulin issues, and I'm trying to speed up keto adaptation.

    It's difficult as there seems very little help I can find for what to eat/how to adjust my keto diet/macros in order to MAINTAIN/slightly INCREASE body fat (I'm 70kg, slim and happy with my weight).

    Any tips from those out there? The problem this last week has been physical manual work and trying to keep energy levels up without increasing carbs, or protein as I thought too much of either will guarantee no ketosis… So I've tried eating more fats but on my breaks it's overworked my digestion I think as I then have zero energy to carry on working full on 3hrs…

    Perhaps I'm actually better fasting during work day/eat some fat early then nothing until an evening meal

    After one week I quit the work as I was literally dying on my feet, low blood glucose I think, weak and feeling faint sometimes, working outdoors in 30+ heat!

    Anyway help really appreciated.

  8. Ive been doind keto and intermittent fasting (20/4) for just a week and I’ve already lost 4pounds. Didnt really think about doing cardio after my workout so will definitely be doing that this week. Thanks for your info extremely helpful! 💪🏼

  9. I love me some cream cheese man, put some dill, parsley, onion powder and garlic powder and some chopped bacon in there and cook some bacon chips BOOM amazeballs!!! I love my keto mojo that tests my ketones. Right now im in nutritional ketosis and lazy keto. You def dont need any meter but I love seeing my levels!


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