30 Min Full Body Workout to BURN FAT & GET ABS + Toned Legs | FREE WORKOUT PROGRAM

This is a 30 min full body workout that includes warm ups and stretches. This video is part of my 30 day flat belly challenge program. If you want to get that flat abs and six pack, try out this video as well as the other abs videos in this series and get those abs you want in 30 days.

FREE 30 day FLAT BELLY CHALLENGE PROGRAM: https://www.chloeting.com/program
Ep 1 – 30 Min Full Body Workout: https://youtu.be/NQmnJtB1gzo
Ep 2 – 10 Mins Abs Workout: https://youtu.be/UBnfm4s7CRA
Ep 3 – 20 Mins Abs Hiit Cardio: https://youtu.be/owrBD7_8edA
Ep 4 – 10 Mins Lower Abs: https://youtu.be/Th97oQ4eF9U
Ep 5 – 45 Mins Full Body Burn: https://youtu.be/LDvAuqTZxMw
Community RESULTS Video: https://youtu.be/VedbZeysJrk
Meal Prep Video: https://youtu.be/CB0bqOCb1RE

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  1. *WHO WANTS A MEAL PREP VIDEO TO GO ALONG WITH THIS FLAT BELLY CHALLENGE?!* Don't forget to #ChloeTingChallenge and share your progress from day 1 till day 30. Let's do this guys! I'm doing it with you and I need to get back in shape too. I wanna be a bit leaner.

  2. If anyone also needs motivation why don't we create a group (for exemple on instagram) where we can do this all together and get more motivation… Like this commentif you think it's a good idea and you think it will help you too 😉

  3. Day 4. I have another video for today but I know that I’m not that strong yet. I finished this one though! I’m proud and I’ll work hard to finally finish by day 6.

    62kg rn

  4. lmao.. i had to stop halfway to take a dump.. all that jumping….
    okay im done with the work out… loved it! i feel accomplished when i see my shirt soaked thru. NICEEE

  5. "let's burn that energy" GiRL what energy???????? Where????
    On a more positive note, I survived three minutes longer than yesterday!

  6. I can't believe I actually did this entire workout! This is one of the only times I can actually go through with a 30 minute workout and love it, Chloe you're amazing ❤ Currently doing the 30 day flat belly challenge and I'll update every day on each video

  7. I am gonna try do her 30 day tummy thing and I'll be tracking my progress here

    Day 1: i think I'm dying, i barely made it out of that workout but i tried as hard as i could
    Of course no noticeable change except fo pain in my arms, thighs and tummy 🙁
    Day 2:


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