30 Day Keto Diet Review And Weight Loss Before & After!

Three HUM staffers take on the keto diet for 30 days! See their experience, difficulties, and surprising before & after results! Subscribe to HUM Nutrition for more: http://bit.ly/hum-youtube

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  1. they did i so bad V; I have been 1 week or so on it and already lost 2kg. Not trynna flex or insult but dont get unmotivated by their results, plus, they didn´t follow it in the most part, they were eating sugar and stuff

  2. Lol.. they didn't do it correctly you should lose way more weight in one month i'm 5 days in and already lost 10lbs.. but i don't eat any carbs at all beside some minimal carbs from salad, drink allot of water and try some high intensity muscle training. The first 3 days where hell especially because of the cravings to carbs and the headaches and dizzynes, but now on day 5 the cravings are already gone and i feel refreshed, the only negative is that i sleep way longer and going to bed much sooner.

  3. Well to me it's not a lifetime deit, it just helps in two cases in my opinion
    First if you are starting a weight loss journey and want to make it quick (when you are into ketosis you lose a pound per day, but it kinda varies) it is the best fat burning diet out there UNBELIEVABLY, and you don't even need to exercise (I mean for weight loss but it's for sure healthy 😂) , if you want to start keto to lose lots of weight in a very short time or even just tame your body and then when you achieve your goal it will become easy to be in any other deit to maintain your weight (just add up more exercise)
    And if you are already lost so much weight and there are those last 5 kilos that resist to be lost (which always happens) keto will do it
    It is also recommended for cancer patients, and for cancer prevention ❤️🎗️ (also for Epilepsy curing )

  4. OMG have someone besides stick people talk about weight loss. I am overweight and really don't buy into the weight loss benefits of a product from a bunch of stick people.

  5. Keto isn't extreme and it's the easiest diet in the world to follow. The health benefits are incredible. The key is that you can't cheat w/ the sugar & carbs, especially at first. You can certainly eat berries. Strawberries, Raspberries especially as they are very low GI. Just don't go overboard and keep it to one serving. You can have very dark chocolate, such as Alter Eco's Blackout or Super Blackout, or Eating Evolved Midnight chocolate. After the first couple of days, you'll never miss the carbs and there are so many keto options and ways of making food that you won't miss the horrible standard American diet. You can have pizza on keto, using fat head dough. You can also have keto donuts, make them w/coconut flour dough etc. Honestly, there are just so many options. Humans are meant to eat meat, that's why we have the dentition & digestive systems we have. I've been on Keto for almost 2 years, it's so easy. I never stress about food any more. I also intermittently fast. It's a game changer. There are whole indigenous peoples who strictly ate keto and were very healthy until they ate a western diet, then they got diabetes, heart disease etc. There are so many great channels on YouTube with great recipes & guidance. Keto Connect, Dr. Ken Berry, Dr Eric Westman, The Keto Chef, Papa G's channel, just to name a few. I started to love cooking again.

  6. You can have some berries on keto. Just like any diet it is for some and not for others. You will not get correct results on any diet if you cheat or give up after week one the keto lifestyle is not for you. It was nice to see you tried.


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