3 Reasons Why Weight Loss Exercise Fails

The fitness world has us believing that if we just work harder, do one more rep, one more class, one more mile… and our weight gain challenge will resolve.

Before you get on another treadmill, understand these 3 simple exercise mistakes that ruin body fat loss efforts.

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Are you tired of working out and I mean working out, exercising more often and still not getting the results you’re shooting for? There are three really simple mistakes you might be making that are completely ruining your weight loss efforts. And they all come down to how they impact that mighty fat storage hormone, insulin.

Mistake #1… exercising in a state of elevated insulin. Many of us don’t even realize it, that we’re spending hours in the gym, on the treadmill, taking classes and more. But you don’t see the waistline whittling down. Well, the reason is we can exercise our hearts out. But if insulin levels are elevated, fat stores are locked. You see, it’s not about losing weight. You got to be able to let your body USE its weight. When I say weight, I mean the body fat we’re carrying.

Mistake #2… It’s working out and not enjoying it. Exercise needs to be more like play than work. If it’s a stressful experience you’re going to have a stress response. A stress response means that the stress hormone cortisol gets involved. And cortisol does what? It sabotages your weight loss because it actually tells your liver to release glucose in your bloodstream and guess what happens? Insulin levels elevate and body fat goes into lockdown.,

So if you’re exercising and it’s a lot of work and it’s not enjoyable, that’s one sure fire way that you’re sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

Mistake #3… Putting more emphasis on doing cardio rather than muscle work. When we’re looking to lose body fat and use body fat, it all comes down to keeping insulin levels, our fat storage hormone, low. When we’re using our muscles, we re-sensitize our whole body to insulin. So your body has to produce less insulin. And when there’s less insulin, we win.

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