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2019 Best Diet Tips – to Lose Weight Fast and Stay Healthy

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  1. can u do a review of patanjali mitani mitti i think it is a chemical but at the same time i dont thing so i am a teenager 13 years old and have pimple not much i have pimple marks which are fading but i need your help in this if i can use the patanjali mitani face mask or can u give me tips for using it or not i will follow your recommendation thanku in advance plz help me

  2. Really happy with your decision 💓 vegan curds are available in delhi and banglore might have it too 😁you can make it too if you have time and veganism is a not just a diet it's a social justice movement please research more about it and talk about it would love to hear from you about 💓 but thank you for this decision all animals thank you 🐮🐵🐷🐶🐰🐥🐣

  3. Hey everyone let me clear the term Vegan 🍀
    Its a lifestyle where you have empathy towards animal .
    Its not a diet ,its a lifestyle.
    And if you are using cruelty products that has animal products in it ..you aint vegan .
    Love yourself ,love animals, love mama Earth.🌺


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