2 Wal-Mart Grocery Hauls & Meal Plan for next week

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  1. My son is the same he’s got a lot of issues with food and drink he’s in a special school so he’s dose have a lot of support like dinner times he wil not sit in the dining room it’s way to much for him the smells and others eating etc he can’t cope with it xx

  2. I get it my son isn't autistic but he does have autistic like characteristics and sensory issues one of them being he is very picky when it comes to food so when he tries something new and likes it I get excited. A bagel sandwich with some of that cream cheese spread on it sounds so good right now!

  3. Not only have you inspired me to cook more like I've told you before but also to give back. I'm working on some thank you goodie bags for the 2 nurses, dr, and receptionist at my kids dr office. We've been in there ALOT in the last 2 months bc of reg check ups and rsv bronchiolitis.. also excited to do goodie bags like that once my son is in school this fall. Keep the ideas coming:)!

  4. Way to go Grady! So glad he found a new drink he loves.

    That white cranberry peach juice sounds so good. I’ll have to pick some up!

    My husband loves the Bolthouse Farm cappuccino drink.

  5. Recently found your channel , subscribed and hit the notification bell and followed you on Instagram! Your son is adorable! And you are beautiful! Love your videos , a bunch of my favorite types
    -meal plans
    -grocery hauls
    – what’s for dinners
    -shop with me
    – what I packed for lunch

  6. Way to go Grady!!! That's awesome! Toni loves thise Naked juices they sell them in bulk at Costco & same love. I knew you don't by costco do you have sams club?!? Gotta try those lil potatoes & ready to go celery sticks. Completely jealous of you good bagles are hard to.come by in Cali. Thanks for sharing love.

  7. I love those clear fruit waters. They’re so tasty. Our Walmart has tons of flavors in the plastic bottles (and for 60¢!) but they only sell the strawberry in the cans. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  8. way to go for your son for trying new things As long as your son try’s something first and decides he doesn’t like it it’s ok because he’s trying you or your husband will eat or drink what ever he doesn’t like

    I also have autism

  9. Good evening LeeAnne!! I am drooling over those fresh bagels, when we went to NY last year we made sure to eat a fresh NY bagel, so happy to hear Grady trying new drinks, that is awesome!!!! Great haul, stay warm my friend and have a wonderful weekend💗💗💗😘😘😘

  10. I thought it was just my Walmart that hardly had the other water flavors. My favorite is the strawberry and they hardly ever have anything other than peach anymore.

  11. I have the Pampered Chef version of that meat masher thingy and it is my favorite thing to use, makes dealing with ground meat so much easier!! Happy Friday, have a wonderful weekend celebrating your birthday with family!!


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