2 Wal-Mart Grocery Hauls Lots of Great Value Items & Meal Plan

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-Please Subscribe so you don’t miss any of my videos & Tap the bell icon to be notified when I upload. Hey guys- in this video I am sharing 2 Wal-Mart Grocery Hauls that I did this week, as well as my meal plan for next week. Thanks for watching!

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  1. my freezer has hash browns-potato wedges-french fries-pattie hash browns-chicken patties-chicken tenders-motz sticks-perogies-and the other half of the door are veggies. I copy almost everything you buy because the deals are unmatched price wise!!! I even got the popcorn! We love great value foods and paper products like the ziplocs and foil you show on your videos. Thanks because we have gone way down on our food bill just making these few switches. We do get the oreos buy one bag and get the second one free each month but I don't think you have this store where you are (harris teeter). They also have most items ( all common shelf and freezer veges) buy two and get three free! I don't like any freezer sandwiches either/gross to me but my hubby loves them too. God bless and thanks!

  2. Hi LeeAnne! Nice hauls! I ran to my Walmart to try out the Great Value potato wedges. I'm trying the waffle fries too. (You can't beat the price) thx!!! Also bought the Clear sparkling water in mandarin orange.

  3. How do you like the peanut butter? Last time I knew Skippy has Hormel Foods as the company on it. I do not know where it is produced though. I did not think they would produce great value peanut butter too, but I do not know everything.

  4. When I lived in North Carolina it depended on which Walmart you went to Ghana I had the same issue when was cheaper in about 15 minutes away the other one was more expensive. So I don't know if it depends on the town and its taxes cause they were two different cities or what but I too have found that and that was back in the early 2000.

  5. I think Great Value (Walmart) has stepped up their game in answer to Aldi. It’s good to see the competition. Thank you for letting us know about their improved selections. Thank you!!!

  6. Hi ,When I commented before I thought the meal planner books were costly I didn’t realize it had a grocery list , freezer section ect so yes it def would pay for itself over time . I thought it was more like a plain notebook but with a decoration down the side . Thanks for showing it ! It’s just me and hubby home and we eat out a lot and when we eat home hubby does the cooking now that he is retired as he likes doing it and I hate cooking . Even though I don’t shop much due to my health I still love your channel . I saw your Instagram today and the picture of Grady was so sweet !

  7. Also, our Walmart’s always have different prices. My normal Walmart has milk for $1.50 but the Walmart 10 minutes from me is right at $3 a gallon for the SAME exact milk. That Walmart also has higher prices on a lot of other things too. Which makes no since to me at all because they’re literally 10 minutes apart

  8. LeeAnne, I would love to know what you think of the great value brown gravy mix. Wow…I was surprised that their sliced pepperjack is only $1.23. It's $1.78+/- here. If the Great Value products taste as good as the name brand, why pay 50 to 100% more? Thanks for sharing, LeeAnne. (:

  9. I love stocking up on drinks too 👍 let us know how the peanut butter is, thats a great price! We like the Great Value dressings, so affordable too! How were the pop tarts you got? The Great Value bread sticks are sooooo good😁 YUM, kettle cooked chips 😁Happy Super Bowl on Sunday! 🏈🏈🏈

  10. I wish my Walmart here in South Dakota was as cheap as yours. Those same potato wedges here are $2.14 and I know I could not get the sliced cheese or the tortilla chips for that cheap. Sad

  11. The only thing I always thought about great value items is that the quality is less/some items would contain some funky ingredients or artificial things. Do you notice this or is there no difference between the ingredients with name brand and great value?

  12. Ohhh how is the pineapple coconut? I bought some cans of the black cherry and i love it! I have used the bottles for a long time for work, I’m a mail carrier. The cans really help me curb my soda craving!

  13. Yummy hauls and meal plan. Love the new meal planner. 💕 We just bought some of the potato wedges to try. 😬👍🏻 We also never buy meats from Walmart. Used to but had several bad experiences and vowed to NEVER buy meats from them again. Also, pay attention to expiration dates. Several youtubers have made recent purchases and the items were expired. 😔


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